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31 December 2002

1:29 PM: Unlike way too many other people.

Well, what a fabulous year this has been, eh? Let's review:

  • I got new bank checks
  • Sleater-Kinney: still good
  • I tried to put a radio station up on Live365, with intermittent success due to machine problems and laziness.
  • I went to Poland way more times than I would have ever imagined, for not really any good reasons either. Mostly to have fights with a 22-year-old girl who wants to get married and have babies and a house with a dog and a picket fence and babies, because their little clothes are so *cute*, but who hates messes. So that's a winner.
  • My best friend Saul decided to leave town, too. Permanently. (He killed himself.)
  • Saw Merrick and 20 Minute Loop a lot. Very swoony.
  • Also worked a lot. That was kind of a theme for the year: Let's Live In This Chair.
  • On the other hand, I quit my job at WIRED ha ha I said it!

    See, back last year, a small group of us started our own little company, and promised to love each other forever and ever. Well, OK, not quite. But many foreshadowy things were said. You would think, hey there, TwoDivorces Boy, shouldn't you be more wary? But naaah. That would require intelligence.

    And while we were starting up, before a big enough job came in for me to leave my wage slave position and permanently assume the other kind... well, what can one say? In the words of President Muffley from Dr. Strangelove:

    Well now, what happened is, uh, one of [us] had a sort of, well, went a little funny in the head. You know. Just a little...funny. And uh, went and did a silly thing.
    So we got to talk to lawyers and have arguments and all kinds of fun stuff. Now we are smaller, but ... well, smaller.
  • I continued to lose my fucking mind. Along with the rest of the country.
  • I stopped going to the bar at some point.
  • Bush is still "President." Feinstein is still "my" senator in a technical sense. The complete turnover of the country to a relatively small number of corporations continued unabated and unremarked.
  • I missed every deadline for The Book that there was to miss.
  • I mentioned going to Poland way more often than necessary, right? (The going, not the mentioning. Or not Just the mentioning, anyway.) I don't even want to think of how much money I've been pumping into the Eastern European economy. And not even a certificate of appreciation from Lech Walesa to show for it.
  • The "Sci-Fi" Network cancelled Farscape after previously announcing their two-year production deal, reportedly because Barry Diller doesn't like "that space stuff". Which is an interesting strategy for a network of that name. But face it, the minute they named it "Sci Fi" - a pejorative term for science fiction used mostly by people outside the genre, who tend to think that science fiction is Star Wars and Ray Bradbury, and maybe Stanislaw Lem if they're all edjicated - you knew that it would be like this. The amazing part is that the series ran for as many years as it did, unlike...
  • Firefly, which Fox hung up on the wall for a few weeks to throw darts at and feel superior to, and then cancelled.
  • Merrick broke up. 20 Minute Loop is still together as far as I know.
  • Mary Hansen from Stereolab died.
  • John Entwistle died.
  • Dee Dee Ramone died.
  • Joe Strummer died. No OD, no plane crash. Just a heart attack in his house. 50 years old. This is going to be happening way too much. Plus, neat, only six years older than me. Better not buy any 10-year T bills.
  • I am still working on The Book. The Book that I was going to finish in a month or two this summer. Completely trashing any thoughts I might have had about a sideline publishing career.

So yeah, a good year. Bye bye 2002.

Thanks to Lana and Practice and Eddie and Alyson and Sherman for not being as crazy as they could be, and for putting up with me when I have been. (You know, that's the kind of mixed use of tenses in English that drives Scully the Polish girl crazy. So good on ya, English!)

Thanks to Tommie and Amelia and Mad Molly and JohnnyG and Russ and girl extraordinaire and puckeroo and Boris Yeltzin and Tripper Gored and, yes, even little Hugh Jhass, and everyone else who will feel terrible about not being in that list so just tell me and I'll add you in cuz, like, who'll know? The Worm Nerd Crew rules.

Thanks to Kid and Ringo and Wash and d. and see above if your name is not here and everyone that bothers to post in Loose Lips and distract people from the tumbleweeds.

Special second bonus Thanks to Tommie for the Xmas present, completely undeserved and greatly appreciated. Mmmm, new Powerpuff Girls DVD...

In conclusion: grapes are good, dying is stupid, Earth is a backwater, I have something stuck in my navel and it's driving me crazy.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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