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17 February 2002

6:42 AM: So hey. Here I am in sunny Poland. It's freezing here. It doesn't help that all my clothes were deemed unacceptably ugly & American by Scully, my slightly-charming but extremely hardline host. The only pair of pants I have to wear is one I bought here, nice enough looking dress pants that are about as warm as a gauze scarf. I need pantyhose.

Why not buy a warmer pair, you ask? Well, it's a funny thing. See, my Visa card is really a debit card, and the bank-by-mail deposits which of course would be there in a day of course were not. So my bank account got overdrawn. Using a card to try to take money out of an overdrawn account from an ATM in Poland apparently makes me a dangerous international criminal, because my lovely friendly local bank put my card on a "hot list" of some kind. Instead of just telling me "You have insufficient funds," the ATM confiscated my card. We went to the bank who owned the ATM, and they said of course come back tomorrow and we will give you back the card, no problem. So we take the hour and a half train home, and next day take the hour and a half train back into the city here, and of course they had destroyed the card, because my bank told them it had been reported stolen. I contacted someone from my own bank, and she said that of course they would never ask anyone to destroy the card. Clearly, the card committed suicide.

They tell me they're FedEx'ing me a new card. They tell me someday love will come, too. They are mostly full of shit. Meanwhile, all my plans are at sixes and sevens. And zeroes.

At the moment, I'm sitting in an internet cafe, freezing my ass off, waiting for Scully to get back from her exam at university. Should only take another hour, hour and half. I don't even dare go out and buy a pair of jeans or something, because of course I will pick the wrong kind, and I don't have the money anyway.

Gee this is fun.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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