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26 June 2002

10:31 AM: Pink played the Warfield last night. I bought tickets to see this months ago. I play the CD all the time. Every day for a week or more, I think, I've had occasion to mention this to one person or another.

And then. Last night. Oh poor me I went to CompUSA without eating, and they didn't have what I wanted and it took hours to prove that, and I was tired and the contract work blew up and I never had a pony


That's beyond lame. That's halt and blind. Fuckity fuckfuckfuck.

11:01 PM:

Yes! Score One For Zeus! Dept.:

US Court Says Pledge of Allegiance Unconstitutional

In a partial dissent, Justice Ferdinand Fernandez said the majority went too far in seeking "to drive all tincture of religion out of the public life of our polity."


Fernandez said the majority opinion could be upheld on a purely legal basis [Oh sure, if you're gonna bring the LAW into it, just because we're, like, judges.... -ed.] -- but risked trampling the "good sense and principles" that underlie the legal system.

"Judges can accept those results," Fernandez wrote. "But they do so at the price of removing a vestige of awe we all must feel at the immenseness of our universe and our own small place within it, as well as the wonder we must feel at the good fortune of our country."

Oh yes, by all means, let's give credit to Magic Sky-Man for all those things. That makes so much more sense.

I know, I know, this judgement won't outlive a Junebug in December, but why be negative? I savor the brief few hours when an official of the actual United States Federal Court actually pointed out that Y*hw*h and Zeus are the same thing. Too bad he didn't mention Spider-Man and Scooby Doo while he was at it.

I still can't believe that I forgot to go. What a dork.

Did manage to go see 20 Minute Loop and Merrick in Berkeley with my friends Practice and Alyson. That was great, good shows AND this enormous bacon mushroom cheese burger with fries. Berkeley, though - brrrrr. Way too much flannel, way too many people my age with bad jewelry. Obnoxious, too. Well, I suppose, they probably wouldn't like me either. I like the new songs 20ML has been playing, bodes well for the new CD which I'm sure will happen just like *that!* (snap) this Fall or something. Heh. Ooh! And! I got to give Kelly and Nils and the rest of thems some Madfish Group stickers! It's so great to finally have stickers for something I'm doing instead of just only other peoples'. Wow, apostrophes are difficult tonight.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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