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7 January 2002

5:31 PM: Well, here I am again, back at work. Fooey. This is monkey work, I tell you. Unfortunately, pretty well-paid monkey work.

I got very very used to not leaving the house or speaking to anyone over vacation. Perhaps not the most healthy thing, but comfy. Mmmm, pizza. Satellite TV is a good thing, especially since the must-carry law went into effect and they started carrying KBHK. Simpsons Three Times A Day.

Oh, so what's been going on, hmmm. Lana and I saw 20 Minute Loop and A Night of Serious Drinking (yes, that's a band) play at Slim's. Great show. 20ML was all dressed up, white shirts and ties (Greg said they looked like Mormons ready to go on mission - I was thinking more boys dressed up for a wedding, myself). Kelly was pretty as a present, too, in fancy red dress and Minnie Mouse ears hairdo. Sound system at Slim's is not so great (it's sad that tiny Bottom of the Hill does better, but feh). But 20ML overcame that easily, everyone was playing with big energy. Fred Milton says it's #1! They had some extra percussionists and horn players on one song (I know it but without the CD at hand for verification I dare not pick name out of air), very cool. (Today is National Parenthetical Comment Day, did you know that?)

A Night of Serious Drinking was pretty fun too. They half won me over when they segued from the instrumental jazzy thing they were playing into "Ode to Joy", and then got the other half with the inspirational song, "Happy Birthday, Jesus Nightlight". You have to love folks who write songs with lyrics like "Noel, noel / Satan is spelled with no 'l'"...

Lord of the Rings kicks ass of course but geez, do I really need to say that?

Oh, and I'm going to Poland in February.

6:21: And new bank checks too!

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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