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16 July 2001

5:33 PM: I got here about, oh, 40 minutes ago. Very very very bad. Especially since it was for no reason at all except that I just did not want to go to work. On the other hand, hey, Double Chocolate Chunk Rice Krispies Treats!

Yesterday, mostly slept. Reading Declare, new book by Tim Powers, Cryptonomicon crossed with horror fiction minus most of the technical geekiness. It's OK. I think I like Steven King's monsters better. Eh. Still reading About A Boy but that's my official Bar Book at the moment, so parceling it out slowly.

Then got up and went to eat at Burger Joint with Ms. V., which was very good, and would have been even better if they would figure out that hey! San Francisco! it's fucking cold outside! Shut The Door! (We tried to go to Hot & Chunky first, but oops! we got about three steps in before noticing, hey these menus are in Japanese - it's a sushi restaurant now. Yummy burgers, we salute you. Adios!)

Then on to Great American Music Hall-of-hippies and White Stripes. Who of course Kicked Ass! Yeehaw, if I can be scary for a minute. Got there about halfway through Waxwings's set. They were good, kinda aggro but I liked the songs. Then came Von Blondies. REALLY LOUD. One guy playing guitar and shoutsinging, the whole hair over the eyes and the almost-blues thing. "I am just an Honest American Boy who is Possessed by the Power of Rock And Roll", you know. (Note: he did not say this. I am saying this.) Then two girls on either side of him, much shorter, bass & guitar. The guitar player, dunno, if Julianne Moore got a role to play a kinda white trash stock-car-race-liking rock&roll guitar girl, that might be what she would look like. I couldn't see the drummer too well. They played OK. I liked the bass, she played strong, the bass lines were good. Songs were too long, though. I'm just not an authentic American boy, is the problem.

But so then why do I like White Stripes so much? Because he's crazy! They sound good! And man, in my ongoing struggle to describe the sound of a drummer, I just saw the all-time Queen Bee of Wham!Wham!Wham! Drumming. (Veronica: "Oh man! Don't EVER tell somebody they sound like 'Wham! Wham! Wham!'". Musicians, so touchy.) I've sort of gone over the whole amazing White Stripes sound before. This show was good. The crowd at the GAMH gets on my fucking nerves every time. They are too middle-class, or too hippie, or too drunk, or too crowded together, or something. SHUT UP! I'm going to buy that club just so I can tattoo that on the heads of some of these fucking knowitall geeks and helium bimbos.

And then! Presents! A Sigur Ros CD! Concert posters! Wasabi peas! Tea filters! OK, so technically they were all my things to begin with, but if I forget that they exist, it still counts as presents. Don't harsh my mellow, man.

Now we are listening to this god damn techno shit again. I really really hate this crap. Hello, music? Variation?

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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