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25 June 2001

4:32 PM: Guided By Voices last night at Fillmore. Great show, fantabuloso! As Veronica said, "They know the rock." Very much not like what I expected. Robert Pollard is a big ol chunky curly-haired guy who clearly spent a lot of time practicing Roger Daltrey moves in front of the mirror as a kid. The whole band, except for the lead guitarist and the drummer I think, got absolutely shitfaced during the course of the night. And they still played great. Well OK, mostly, except for that one point where the rhythm guitarist looked like he forgot how and the bass player had to go over and show him ("You know, look, like this - strum! strum!" "Oh yeah! Thanks dude!"). So take THAT, Mr. Badly Medicated Wanker!

I don't know their back catalog too well, so many of the songs, I was hearing for the first time. I liked them tons, though. Veronica noticed a Who influence early. When they came out and did "Baba O'Reilly", that sort of settled that question. Still, cheesy as I know it is, one of the best parts of the show was when they did "our new smash hit single", "Glad Girls", off the new CD. The drummer in the band now is new, apparently. He did a kickass job, too, especially on this song, which doesn't call for very much technical skill but a whole lot of POW! feeling. Then it hit the instrumental break, and the sound was done just right, so that you could clearly hear the guitars and the bass flying around each other like stunt pilots, and the lights were facing out at us, and then big ol Pollard starts to sing.... it was one of those Rock & Roll Salvation moments.

Bandage That Foot Dept't.:

The truth is, according to Love, nothing is for free. "Someone must pay for it. All these small modifications in the code... all this does cost money. To bring it to the point: The only way to make Linux a successful business is to cash in. This is the other side of the medal. In the future, all Linux applications will have a price tag. That's the job of the movement's marketing department."

Caldera CEO Ransom Love, in an interview with ZDNet Germany
The movement has a marketing department? And hey, great name, huh?

9:08 PM: I want to go home. Oh hey! That worked. So, now I can go with a cleaner conscience.

OK, and I'll wait for the CD to finish.

9:46 PM: So why was this window open, anyway? I wasn't using Netscape Today. V. odd. Oh, so anyways. It rained Today. I did not have lunch because I have leftover chow mein at home that I should eat. Now I am going to go get something to read. I reread the last Honor Harrington novel last night. Trolling around on net for news about next one. Some old report, quoting the author about starting in September 2001, and that it would take about "3 to 5 months to write." Heh. Yep, and it shows, too. Exposition Carnaval, baby.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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