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30 April 2001

7:53 PM: May is going to be a berry berry buzy month. It hasn't even started yet and it's already busy.

Friday, nothing very important happened that I remember. I think I was at work until late and then went home.

Saturday, Veronica and I saw the second two plays in The Oresteia at Berkeley Rep: The Libation Bearers and The Eumenides. The standards for "cunning" have certainly come a long way since then, I must say. "What's your plan?" "Well, I'll knock on the door, say that I am a stranger so they won't recognize me, and tell them to invite me in. Then when they do, I'll kill them." That's a sort of Hogan's Heroes level stratagem. Maybe people were more honest back then.

I liked the plays well enough. They were more static than Agamemnon, especially The Eumenides. Courtroom drama has also come a long way in 2500 years. Which one should only hope would be true, I suppose. I think staying up until 5 AM the night before and it being the middle of the afternoon was making me a little stupid, too, which didn't help. You really have to pay attention and listen to what's being said, there's not a lot going on to watch in a passive, TV sense.

We were sitting further back in the theater, and the heads of the people in front of me were noticeably blocking my view of the front part of the stage. And I'm a bit taller than the average Rep patron, too. I think it's not steeply raked enough. Wonder how hard that would be to fix? Because they're going to get complaints about it. Why would you set it up that way? Because there wouldn't have been room for the balcony otherwise, maybe?

Then, Saturday Night, I went with Lana and Eddie and Lloyd and Melanie to see The Heroic Trio at the Clay, last of their Midnight Movie series (for a while, at least). Some of us had been to see Fifth Element there a couple weeks ago, and there was an excruciatingly long, unfunny skit/contest/painthing before the movie. Bad hurtful. So I was in no rush to be there at Midnight Precisely this time.

But, bad duh, I wasn't thinking through the implications of that. Because I knew Lana & co, and I knew Melanie, but they had never even seen each other. So if I'm late, they both end up standing around in the lobby looking at each other and thinking "Why doesn't that person just go in and sit down? She's creeping me out!" Which is kind of what happened. Only not being me, what they really thought was more like "I bet she's waiting for him too. He's such a dork." It's funny because it's true.

Heroic Trio was even sillier than I remembered. Which should have been impossible, but let that be a lesson that nothing is impossible in this life of martial arts movies. I'd completely forgotten the Terminator-meets-Puppet-Masters-versus-The-Throbbing-Brain scene at the end, for instance. But it's still all about Michelle Yeoh in that red outfit. The rest of it is good, don't get me wrong. Comparisons aren't fair, really.


Sunday day I didn't do very much at all which was nice. (I'd had my laundry done by the laundry people again, picked it up Friday. This is so much better than standing there folding socks and getting a cramp in my back.) Sunday night I went down to the divey little bar that Veronica knows, to maybe see a friend of mine play some bluegrass music. He wasn't there, though, so we were forced to just drink beer and talk for hours. Pure torture, I tell ya.

Now May is starting and about 6 billion bands are playing in town. But no more I'm-Tired wimping out like with Richard Buckner. Build A Better Tomorrow Starting Today! This message brought to you by your State Neurosurgery Council.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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