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1 May 2001

5:38 PM: Hey, Happy May Day! Out in the civilized world, they're celebrating in the traditional way. Here of course, we have our usual "Huh?"

I keep getting accidentally slightly spoiled for tonight's Buffy, and yes I am looking at YOU, Joyce Milman. It's making me not happy. I'm getting more and more convinced that they really will kill someone, and there are just too many possible candidates. I don't think I can think of anybody who's absolutely safe: maybe Willow. But not even her. Not even Giles! They'd even kill Buffy but we would all know that was a trick a la her "drowning" in the first season. I'm sure this is just how Joss wants us: anxious and frightened and miserable. Thanks, Joss.

Went to see Heaveners last night at Kimo's. More SF-as-small-town stuff: I know Jeff and Amy from the band, it turns out that Veronica does too, and used to play with one of the other band members. Not to mention that they All know people who work for my very own dot-scam company, in various of its many tentacles. It is to sheesh.

First time seeing Heaveners play, too, which is really sad considering how many chances I've had. They're good! Big large emotional kinda countryish songs. Patented mumbling rock star singing. Good bass lines. Loud. All the good things. This kinda cool group of old guys opened up for them, I think they called themselves The Wild Billies. Really it was about the main singer-songwriter guy whose name I heard but damn if it hasn't fallen out of my head now. Will Blair? Tony Blair? Gerhard Schroeder? Something like that. More normal country music, good guitar work from the lead guitarist. (Who had a very nice Telecaster, so I was told.) They were fun. Even if they did maybe walk off with a little bit more money than they were supposed to have, whoosp.

Tomorrow is Sigur Ros. Then I think it might be a whole four or five days with no bands! Wow.

Oh! Oh! I'm so proud. I actually finally went to the post office today. Picked up Saul's birthday cigs and dropped off Penny's stuff via Slow Boat Post. And it only took me two weeks to get around to it! I'm like Mr. Discipline, for sure.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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