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26 February 2001

8:49 PM: I swear I had a better title but it's gone. Man, I wonder if this really is some kind of slow-onset Alzheimer's? I'm just getting stupider and stupider lately.

Of course, sometimes it's a thin line between stupid and cranky. Is it really that I can't concentrate? Or that after doing it for a while, I refuse to do any more? There is some kind of seismic mental activity going on. I just hope I can ride out the quake.

Weekend Media Report: Went with Veronica to see O Brother, Where Art Thou? on Saturday. Very entertaining, much more so than I expected, really. And the music is, as I'd heard, amazing. A wonderful demonstration of the fact that the most versatile and stirring instrument available truly is the human voice. Weirdest Ku Klux Klan scene I have ever seen. George Clooney is creditable - I think what negative reactions I had were more to the character than to the acting. So that was fun.

Read Falling Stars, latest and last book in Michael Flynn's near-future how-we-go-to-space series. Spent much of the time trying to remember if I had really read about all these things he refers to in the past tense. I would have gone back and re-read Rogue Star, the previous book, but can't find it. My bob I need bookshelves. Dozens of them. The walls in that apartment are so weird, though - not too many uninterrupted stretches of space. Ah well.

Anyway, book otherwise OK. More just regular hard SF, less unique than the previous works. And time is already erasing the foolish optimism of his scenarios. It was nice to be able to pretend for a few years that humans wouldn't be completely stupid.

Other book was The Graveyard Game, latest Kage Baker book about the immortal cyborgs. Only we aren't getting the ironic history tour anymore, as this plot starts near now and zips through the next couple hundred years. It's purely an installment in a series. So, interesting, entertaining, but as a standalone book? Uh uh.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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