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14 February 2000

6:58 PM: Look, it's been a distracting month, OK? Shee.

In other news: I'm glad to see that someone is on top of this whole fire piracy issue...

10:30: Yeah, yeah, happy fuckin' Valentine's Day to you too, buddy.

Weekend Media Report: Not only made no advances on my list, but lost several to the Marching Movie Monster. Dammit. Well, what could I do, the remastered print of Rear Window was in town at the Castro, and when Grace Kelly beckons, one just doesn't decline. The best bit about seeing it again was the audience; besides swooning over Grace's outfits, when she's climbing up the fire escape ladder and then out onto to the window ledge and into the apartment, the fellows beside me sighed, "In pumps!" Yes indeed.

Plus Sunday was taken up by The Invention of Love, the most recent Tom Stoppard play. This was the last night of its run here, which was the North American premiere. Damn thing was still written in 1997. What, never heard of jet planes? Let's get these plays moving in a little more timely fashion, please, hup hup.

I did like it, but whatever it was he was chasing after in writing it, I think it eluded his grasp. All the funny bits are funny, the erudition is very erudite and all, and you can even see something of a point. But only very vaguely. Maybe it was over my head, dunno. This and the one last year, Indian Ink, both a bit too clever-boots.

My office crush gave me a heart today!

OK OK so she gave one to everyone else too. So! I could tell mine was special.

Was too. You shut up.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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