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15 February 2000

4:31 PM: 2.5 hours at work already and I haven't even been able to touch my donuts yet. Oh, the trauma. As usual, the universe is balancing itself out at my expense. Every month, I have to do a big new chunk of content for the site here, and for the last few months, other things have been stealing so much of my time that I end up doing that chunk at the very, very last moment. So this month, I thought No no no, I shall be organized, I shall be ... early! (An unfamiliar concept to me generally, let me assure you.) I had it all done by early last week.

Except for one little thing. A little thing I couldn't do until the people I'm doing this for (in an indirect sense) delivered something to me. Guess when it got here?

If you guessed "Just now?", you are a winner. Grumble.

6:12: Buahaha! o/~ For their beady little eyes / And flappin' heads so full o' lies o/~ Oooh, and now I finally find my pinup for the month, too...

Justice at the Oscars - back in the 20th Century, this is what we would have called a sign of the apocalypse. And I guess we're still there technically, so maybe that's what it is. "Next up on our Oscar warmup - Kevin Spacey talks about the virtues of really good pot!"

8:50: I wasn't making that much progress in seeing the films on my list anyway. Now I have a reason not to see most of them. Like that Russian guy in the Landmark ads for - well, whatever it is that they're for, the fake indie film school ads, you know - like he says, "Hollywood films are crap."

Deobscured version: Those links are to two really excellent articles about why and how the MPAA, the DVD-CCA, Congress, and other Rapacious Corporate Landfuckers are using the Digital Millenium Copyright Act to make you pay a license fee everytime you open your eyes. Or at least as close to that as they can get. Read them. Heed them. Boycott Hollywood crap.

God, and not to mention UCITA, Microsoft's little attempt to get rid of this silly notion that just because you buy something, you "own" it, and have the "right" to not upgrade it. Or that just because I sell you something, you have any right to expect it to work. Silly luser.

The cyberbarons are definitely robbing while the robbing's good. What to possibly do? Hard to say. Go join the EFF - when their script is working again (sheesh!! maybe they need volunteers?). Send some comments to Congress about the DMCA. (That'll work.) Spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on campaign contributions for key State and Federal legislators to get them to vote UCITA down and revise the DMCA. (That will work.) Go to your neighborhood bar and bitch about it. Shrug.

And none of the current possible Presidential candidates are at all inclined to take the right positions on any of these issues, because they're all good members of the Corporate Intellectual Property State. This is the damn conundrum - government can't really be ignored, or just coded around, but it's beyond the reach of reason as far as I can tell. Am I just too pessimistic? Hope so. Doubt it.

Bleah. Must be the rain.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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