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25 January 2000

10:14 PM: Last night was the night that Hannah came to the bar to do her documentary, for some cable-access channel. Given that I was pretty much walking dead all day, I didn't have a big problem leaving early enough to show up for it. In fact I left even earlier than that and went home to watch the new Sopranos episode from Sunday. Yikes. Everyone is being very low-life so far this season. I miss Dr. Melfi, too.

Oh, but so anyway, back in that "real" world. Oh man. Lacey was there, later, and at some point she was talking, with a bit of difficulty if you catch the odor of my drift, about how at least there were still some people left at the bar that I actually knew. She's so good at being kind in that insulting manner. I made the mistake of saying something about how, yes, everyone else had either moved off and gotten a real life or was dead. "What? What, this isn't real? Oh, so what do you consider a 'real' life, then?" Ah, Lacey. See these lips? When sound comes out of them? Don't pay any attention to it. Safest bet.

The point is or was or will be that I was tired beyond belief and only went there to show up for this documentary because I had said I would. Which I did, and had my little 3-line interview, and made my 1.5 clever remarks, and it was all fine. They were very non-disruptive, just the one light that was mounted on the camera, I believe, or else held very close to it. Though it was funny to see that instead of Hannah asking the questions, she had an actual Official On-Air Personality woman there, in a bad TV suit and everything. (Tele Vision. Sheesh.)

But then, well, Penny was there, and Chakra was there and acting very silly, and I kept getting into conversations that would go on hold when some one else would start talking to the person I was talking to, because either I couldn't hear the new conversation or I very pointedly wasn't supposed to hear it, so fine fine, I have a paper to read anyway, see if I care, and you know just that kind of thing and another ...

... hey, how did it get to be 1:30 in the morning? hwee. er, whee, even.

Today very little has happened. I slept late and came to work and did a thing and answered some email and ate soup and read web pages (new Buffy and Angel episode summaries up at MightyBigTV at last, jeez). I was going to install RedHat on this other machine but I heard there was a newer version somewhere in the office but then forgot to go look for it before everyone went home. I have not canceled my dentist appointment and made a new one yet. I am a sniveler.

I seem to be getting people annoyed with me lately and I'm not sure why. Some cases, I have a good idea, yes. Others, not so much. Or maybe they're not really annoyed. I need to get some more Clueless cards to hand out.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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