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26 January 2000

9:00 PM: I am going to spend my entire life installing & uninstalling Linux. I can just tell.

I found out how much money they're going to offer me in my "new" job, which is really the same job but with a title and department change. It's right about exactly what Lana and I figured it'd be in our last communist cell meeting. Cheap fuckers. And the thing is, my new manager thinks it's "pretty good!", because compared to what he's normally able to get for other people, and what they pay us in general around here, he's right, it's not bad. But is it enough to work for Rapacious Corporate Landfuckers?? Stay tuned.

Speaking of whom, tomorrow I'm meeting with her and the other members of our colocation cabal for the first time. Not Lana for the first time, the other people. Duh. If you wouldn't read what I'm writing you'd know what I was saying better. Anyway, this is exciting because once the machine is set up, this very little cybervillage right here will be Movin On Up... On the other hand, the minute I try to load any of my content onto the box in the colo, it'll crash and all the backup media will grow fungi. I'm just special that way sometimes.

I also canceled my dentist appointment Today. Hurrah for me. Well, but besides being a bit pathetic, at least I didn't act even more pathetically and just show up because they were expecting me to and who am I to not do what's expected of me... Now on to the land of sonic screwdrivers and stereo eyephones, and most important of all, nitrous oxide...

Hmmm. What other vague speedbumps rising up above the ground fog of this unexamined life? I was kind of hoping that Giles and Professor Walsh would get together in Buffy, but that doesn't look too promising now. Unless they're acting like 4th graders which I suppose is possible. "Oh please, she's like 40! She has better things to do than hang out with a bunch of kids." Ha. Again with 2 weeks of reruns now. Oy.

Whee. 41 minutes to go. Again. Tick.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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