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24 January 2000

4:29 PM: Ow.

Went to see Galaxy Quest yesterday afternoon. A great movie, btw, very funny and kind of sweet as well. Best Star Trek movie ever made, for sure. Anyway, though, the thing is that we got out of the theater around 6:30. It was raining, first real storm we've had here in quite a while, and it was already dark. So, at something of a loss for anything else to do with our lives, we ended up at the bar. At, oh, 7 PM or so.

7 hours later...


6:31: Not to mention, Penny showed up last night, back from Scotland and England and Ireland - kind of a Pasty White Grand Tour. She was over to study with Scottish midwives, loved it of course, wants to go back; Ireland was just a vacation. Says she met a ton of Australians over there. I suppose even Scotland can seem exotic from the proper perspective.

There was just, oh, way too much going on in general. Oh! Geez, I almost forgot the singular event of the weekend. I actually cleaned up the floor of my living room, proving that it does in fact exist. Two? Three? A few giant bags of trash. Multiple boxloads of newspapers for recycling. Two big boxes and three grocery sacks full of books. One set of Tinker Toys. Two plastic drawerfuls of video tapes, mostly unlabeled. Some kind of scary orange Muppet doll. Fortunately, no iguanas.

I wouldn't call it clean as such since it still needs to be vacuumed, at least. But you can walk around without sliding, you can sit on both couches. It is for sure an improvement.

But that's the other reason I can barely rub two brain cells together today. My friend Sarah's been around, helping with the cleaning, but also to hang out and stay up really late and avoid some people. Which is fine, you know, but doesn't make for the best environment to try and get back into a bit more local time zone. As opposed to New Zealand, where my brain is now. Up late, sleep late, bending and picking and dumping and squatting, drink drink drink, burp, up late pizza, sleep, etc.

Thus, most definitely, ow.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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