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21 January 2000

8:13 PM: Truer words were never writ:

Some folks have problems with the interface [of dselect] because of it being unlike anything else on the planet.
So I have this prompt of the Debian linux system, which is very nice, but I've come to kind of a halt there. Just don't seem to be able to concentrate on it. Tried to use the Caldera distribution, but the keyboard and mouse don't really work with it. D'oh. Well, there's always the other 3 flavors I have at home...

So where did this Supernova film come from? I'd never heard of it at all, and just saw the title in the movie time listings in the paper the other night. I asked someone at the bar if they knew anything about it, and he said, "I think it's about an exploding star." I scoffed mightily. Right, like anyone would actually make a film about a supernova. It's got to be some kind of Brazilian art porn, or a teen comedy or some such. But nope, that's what it is, more or less. Like it says in that review that's linked up there, "Particularly fascinating is a strange wavering blob of light..." But aren't they always?

I was also talking to this woman, Hannah, who it seems is one of those early-evening regulars that I don't really know all too well. She's some kind of TV producer, does an arts show for local cable I believe, and is going to do a documentary on my bar. Dammit. Oh well, though, local access, how many people will see it? Four? Six?

I forgive her, though, since she seems quite nice, smoked through the entire evening, drank actual beer, and got into a spirited discussion with me and some of the other folks there about, um, well I don't remember really. If I even knew at the time. But evolution came up, and then we were talking about genetic modification and the social implications of the trivialization of the means of production. Or at least I was. Sort of.

Weekend again. I didn't even get here until 3 today. I think I'm gonna leave soon, too. Fuck it.

8:40: Ah hah! The space bar! Gee, that was obvious, in the way that my irresistable charm, good looks, and multimillion dollar fortune are. (I left out the fortune at first, and then thought that some of you wouldn't know that I was kidding.) (I am kidding, you realize.) (Hmm, I could have just said that to begin with.) (Oh never mind.)


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