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12 May 1999

10:27 PM: There's a special place in my heart for people who schedule 10 AM meetings and then decide at 9:45 to postpone them until 3 PM. And it's a sharp, pointy place, too.

Speaking of Mr. Pointy, kinda, Buffy was just brilliant last night. Despite what certain overfluffinated people might say. Of all the things that young Ms. Buffy Summers might possibly have expected to have happen to her - love, death, hellhounds - public recognition and gratitude has to have been dead last. And there are surely few more perfect bands to make a soundtrack for a bittersweet moment than the Sundays, although "Wild Horses" was just a wee bit literal.

Amway people are scaring the crap out of me. We keep getting email from them about this small little story that mentions Amway. They all have the label on their email addresses set in the format of "Bob & June Zombie". And the email all reads like
"HelloWeHearYouAreWritingAboutUsOurLeadersHaveInstructedUsToReadThisStoryPleaseTellUsWhatToDoAs OurNervousSystemsWereConsumedLongAgoByTheHigherOnesAreYouSatisfiedWithYourCurrentDishDetergent?" Brrrr.

Oh and hey!

No More Bar-ry Dil-ler!
No More Bar-ry Dil-ler!
I Am Evil Tater!
I Am Evil Tater!
Ooosp, sorry, got carried away in the moment there.

I really have little to say today. New things to do, old good things I like doing being pried away from me, too much Dr. Pepper, Goldfish for Snack! which is not exciting but admittedly rather functional, et ceterbla.

So to send you off, here's a load of bullshit:

What the medication-only approach comes down to is a Catch-22 scenario: Doctors say shy people already believe that their successes and failures have to do with the situation or another person, and not themselves. And so it's easy to see, says Carducci, "If people take Paxil and they start to reduce their anxiety, they begin to attribute their ability to be social and feel comfortable in an environment to the drug, and not to themselves. So now, instead of the shyness controlling them, it's the drug."
[Highlight added.]
Oh doctors say that do they? How nice for them. Funny that it doesn't sound like, oh, reality or anything. Speaking for shy people, I would say rather that I know damn well how much failure and ... that other thing, whatever it was ... has to do with myself. And if the only variable you change in the equation is the drug, and events begin to follow a new pattern, hey guess what? It is the drug! Duh. The point is to break the paralysis. Yes sure, you start off with artificial assistance, but getting used to not being rigid with fear makes a lot go smoothly just by itself. So that, after time, you're behaving less like a shy person, and therefore need the drug less. In theory.

I'm not really disagreeing with the main point of this article, which is that you really ought to combine the medication with therapy. That was just such a perfect example of the fatuous, condescending, Oh-you-poor-Prozac-zombie tone of the "alternative" doodah wet-liberal health press.

What can one expect from a bunch of Anne Lamott fans, though, I suppose...

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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