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31 October 2001

4:55 PM: Still no definite word one way or another about the suspicious white powder that came in the mail at work. People are a little wigged. My manager's boyfriend won't let him come into work.

But, good timing in that regard anyway. It's our national holiday Today - Halloween! I tried to get an early start on the day, and of course that plan fell on its ass and couldn't get up again. I managed to stumble into the building around 3:45 PM. Fortunately, there was still pizza, and I escaped the costume contest without incident. This is the first year for my new Permanent Costume, which is just an alb - a priest's shirt, with the inverted collar and the white tab and all that - plus my usual cardigan and a pair of tweed slacks, because priests have those old German widow ladies to clean their clothes for them. It works really well and it's dead easy. Now if only there was a point.

Oh. Saw The Last Castle last night. It's pretty much a Very Special Macgyver. All the previews were for very gung-ho American war movies and/or paranoid thrillers. Bruckheimer or Silver or someone of that ilk is making a movie about Somalia, that's a weird choice. You know, where a primitive local warlord captured American troops, killed 18, and caused us to not only withdraw from the country, but to be so averse to all foreign intervention that we did nothing to hinder or stop the Rwandan genocide a short time later. I can see why it might be relevant, but I sure hope not.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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