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  Heavy Metal Monday

29 October 2001

4:06 PM: So I'm walking into work late as usual. It's beginning to rain a little, which is actually kind of nice. Relieves the tension if nothing else, it's been smelling like rain all day. Getting closer, I notice three or four cops standing around outside of the building. Hmm. Then I realize that the double-parked truck there is from the HazMat Response Team.

Yes, really. Apparently our mail room guy opened a letter from France - the French! I knew it all along! - and some kind of powder spilled out. Bonus side effect, they've shut down the friggin air conditioning. I have a hard time taking this seriously. I remember when we were sure that the Unabomber was after us, too. Still, mail room guy has to be a little freaked out. I hope we don't end up having to do a round of antibiotics, those things are murder on your digestion.

Weekend Media Report: Saturday we went to see Ghost World, finally. What a great, great movie. In that painful sense of being great, like you're being dissected up there on the screen. Thora Birch does a great job, and Steve Buscemi is actually appealing, which is a bit of a new turn for him. It's a weird feeling. On the one hand, the way it looks, the way people behave, the tone it hits - it's perfect, it's fun. On the other hand, the story is completely true and thus completely depressing. Especially from my particular demographic perspective.

Sunday, Training Day. Pretty good. Denzel Washington clearly enjoys being a bad guy. Dunno much more to say about it than that.

Then came home and caught The Ninth Gate on Showtime. The cutthroat world of rare book dealing! What kept cracking me up was how much Frank Langella reminded me of Kissinger. Which makes perfect sense, of course. Polanski is a strange person.

Then I saw that Blow was on pay-per-view, so I figured, hey why not have a mini Johnny Depp fest. I realize that Blow is probably just a Little Bit one-sided, but still - he was absolutely right. What was his crime? He crossed an imaginary line, carrying some plants. Or some powder made from plants. For this the guy deserves to be in jail for 60 years?

It also disturbed me a lot as a tale of a life that slides away, not so much from any one dramatic event, as just being allowed to. He never does anything really phenomenally stupid. But a string of actions that are just slightly stupid, or insufficiently smart, that's good enough. Dead ends. Too much personal resonance here.

5:02 PM: I dunno, maybe it's just from watching Band of Brothers or something, but doesn't this sound kind of funny?

"Northern Alliance fighters in the north was improving, Mr. Rumsfeld said, a comment echoed by rebel commanders who said American warplanes helped guarantee their survival by pounding Taliban targets near the Tajikistan border.

In daylight and evening raids, American aircraft dropped more than 10 bombs on Taliban positions, mostly near the Kokcha River..."

More than ten whole bombs??? Wow gee! HOW much do we spend every year on defense again? More than ten dollars, I bet.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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