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12 June 2001

12:57 PM: Somewhere out there, there's a travel agency that really needs to change its phone number. Grumble wrong numbers grumble 9 AM grumble...

I dreamed that Brian Eno was killed in a traffic accident in New York. Everyone was really upset. I'm pretty sure it's not true, though. I'm sure he'd be relieved to hear that.

Also had some kind of post-apocalypse dream. The plot involved people from some band I knew before The War, who had become telepathic mutants or something. But the interesting bit was the setting. We were all hanging out in a semi-ruined Pac Bell Park, at night - I think it was night, anyway, because there were your standard post-apocalypse fires-in-garbage-cans burning here and there. We all came to listen while they played tapes of Hank Greenwald doing play-by-play of old Giants games. Weird. Oh, and the giant Coke bottle was still there, just a little melted. Big hole in the right field wall, though. Amphibious assault, one presumes.

5:56 PM: So, the good news is that an insurance company is finally being ordered to cover birth control prescriptions. The bad news is, a) they had to be forced to do this by a court in the first place, and b) they'll be able to find a good-ol-boy appellate court somewhere to overturn it. This country is so pathetic.

Oh, speaking of news - for future historical reference, yes, I do know that McVeigh was executed yesterday, no, I don't really care all that much. It's a bad idea, but many things are bad ideas, and remember, country, pathetic. Not gonna change soon, neither.

More leftovers for Snack. Gramma's pre-chewed cookies, half a big bag of plain M, two cinnamon Pop-Tarts. I guess they're doing what they can, but it's so sad.

Definitely, this is probably not the time to be buying lots of new electronic equipment. This is the time to be obsessively stashing money away while it's still coming in, so there'll be some there when it's our turn to crash and burn. Our stock is selling for one-fourth of my option price. Think I'm ever gonna see money out of that? Me neither.

My new theory that I just made up: Bush wants a recession. Well, OK, Cheney & Co. Bush Incorporated, you know. Because who does remarkably well during recessions? Rich people and large corporations with cash in the bank. Anybody who has money enough to ride out a lack of income or profit. There are lots of great deals around in hard times, after all. 10 cent on the dollar desperation sales, foreclosures, buahahaha. Think Mr. Potter from It's a Wonderful Life.

And since it's hard to keep an economy going and stable, and really really easy to fuck it up, by gum we're probably gonna get one. So I dunno, seems like the smartest thing to do is to have money, or leave the country, or figure out how to live outside the normal economy. Or all three! I hear they're starting up an intra-island stock exchange in the Caribbean.

7:05 PM: Japanese company to offer canned 'Godzilla Meat'. What, no Gamera? He's full of meat!

10:40 PM: If my brain was a snake, it would have bit me. I've been sitting here for probably the past hour or two, looking over at the Mac next to this computer on my desk here at work, and thinking, "Jeez, it's still only 8:14 PM?" Uh, duh, the computer - frozen? time, not passing on it? Oh well, I actually got some things done, thinking that it was too early to start fooling around yet...

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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