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11 June 2001

4:26 PM: My head hurts, my face itches, it's overcast and cold outside so of course the air conditioning is running full blast and I feel like I'm getting sick. The same damn thing that I do every month is late again, like it is every month, because I'm just a good-fer-nuthin no-account fool. My pants are too tight. How are you?

If this doesn't scare you enough, perhaps this will.

This has been my favorite Bush story of the week:

Though Mr. Bush and his aides say they are aware of Europe's disagreements with the administration on a range of issues - including the death penalty and the environment - they have been depicting these as problems that could be overcome by the president's charm and personality

"The common European perception is of a shallow, arrogant, gun- loving, abortion-hating, Christian fundamentalist Texan buffoon," said a senior administration official. "They read all the press about a hard-line unilateralist. They really believe this stuff about cowboys. We need to get it all on a higher plane."

Two feet of rain in Houston and we can't spare one little tornado for the ranch at Crawford?

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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