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30 May 2001

8:43 PM: Let's see. I have fruit! Some green things, some orange things, and some red things. It was hot outside Today. Well, hot for San Francisco, OK? Probably all the way into the high 80s, gasp. Nice. One should think about walking to work again. Then again, one should think about maybe getting out of bed before 2 PM again. Bad habits, they so easy.

Oh! They had a sale at CDnow. What could I do? So big ol box o CDs arrived Today. Molto bongo B-52s greatest hits collection. Surfer Rosa by Pixies. London Calling, Kind of Blue. The banana album by Velvet Underground. A Chic greatest hits CD - freak out! Trans-Europe Express. It kind of goes on. Fun fun! And, big update to TatereMusique playlist coming up with all this new music.

Started reading Passage, new Connie Willis. Something of a reprise of ...Everything But The Dog and some of her other work: the Wonderland bureaucracy, the Crazy Person who Must Be Avoided, the cute smart heroes who bicker a little but mostly are talking past each other (so far), the waif(s) in danger, the vague feeling of big trouble coming. However, since EBTD is only one of the best books of the 90s, this is hardly a big problem. And it certainly sucks you in. I only started on it this morning because my stomach hurt and I couldn't sleep. Ha ha on me, he said five hours later...

The sad part of greatest hits albums put together by the bands themselves is when they include things from their most recent work, as if either "greatest" or "hit" even remotely applied...

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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