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  Long Weekend

29 May 2001

9:57 PM: Man, I've got to start taking notes or something. Or maybe not procrastinate so much with the entry making, mmm lazybutt?

Mostly, this was an all-Throwing Muses weekend.

Friday: Kristin Hersh, Noe Valley Ministry, solo acoustic show. Mesmerizing as one would expect. Kristin Hersh fans are a dang good lookin bunch of people if I do say so myself. I love the way her head moves back and forth and around like a snake. Her voice sounded a little rough, like there were places she was making an effort not to go to. Veronica liked the harsh, human reality of it, and I can see that. It just also makes me want to make her wear sweaters and drink her "fucking herbal tea" as she put it. Funny stories, of course. Best line, being interviewed by Spanish reporters: "We think you represent the new face of fuck music today."

Saturday: Big "meet & greet" thing at Slim's around lunch time. Turned out that we were meeting & greeting each other, not El Muses, who were quite sensibly hiding downstairs. But they did not skimp at all with the tacos. I had three of them, stuffed to the gills with the beans and the meat and the love. Ym. Then we got to listen to their sound check. Kristin: "We were just trying to figure out why you would possibly subject yourselves to this. I've been trying for years to find a way to make an understudy do it for me." (slight paraphrase) But, as Unnamed Male Fan #3 behind me said, "It's like watching a supermodel shave her legs - sure it's boring but it's still amazing!" Seeing Kristin & Billy together made me realize how very small she is. Weird how surprising that always is.

Oh, and after the sound check? Karaoke. With the band itself as the karaoke machine. What kind of ultimate fanboy/girl dream is that?? The first two people up were actually really good, especially the girl who sang "Pearl". In fact, I might have a hard time saying whether she or Kristin did a better version of that song that day - heresy! The other people had a bit more enthusiasm than talent but since when is karaoke about talent, anyway? They were funny and they loved it and so we all loved it too.

Later that night, the Throwing Muses concert itself. Kick-ass. But so many songs that I just don't know - must obtain older albums. Or listen more obsessively, perhaps. They did two new songs! New! But when someone asked when they'd record again, Kristin said something about "when we find a sugar daddy." Hey, currently jobless Internet millionaires! I think you're being paged.

Sunday: Nothing. Zip. Brunch at Baghdad. CD shopping at Record Finder, got new Sigur Ros Finally, and copy of 69 Love Songs by Magnetic Fields, which is as great as I thought it would be. Who could not love a band that titles a love song "Chicken With Its Head Cut Off"?

And a special spotlight on Dog in the Sand, the new Frank Black CD. This thing just gets better & better every time I listen to it. It threatens to become this year's Diva or Buffy soundtrack, the CD that gets played obsessively until it becomes the floating background music for everything else. Go buy it. It's good.

Oh, and then we watched a few episodes from my new Season 2 Buffy DVDs he said casually, la la la.

Monday: Big Memorial Day barbecue at Lana's house. The kind of food that reduces everyone to standing around going "mmmm! mmm!" while not actually having sex. Per se. Party focus was their new hot tub in the back. "Isn't this recession awful?" "Oh yes, I'm frightfully concerned. More salmon?"

Lana bought a new G4 titanium PowerBook. They are So Fucking Cool. I want! But, 3000 cheneys. That's a lot for something that's pretty much in the same category as a set of Legos or the new Spike action figure, in terms of Need vs Want. Good thing is that it put me right off getting an iBook. Must not spend money simply because have money. "Savings" - research. Do we think there is some connection here?

Then I came home and read the new and final book in the Otherland series by Tad Williams, Sea of Silver Light. The whole thing, all 700 pages.

Which is why, Today begain around 3 PM for me.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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