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19 April 2001

5:33 PM: Dinner last night was Faboo to the googolth. It took a little while to get a seat but not too terribly long. We placed our orders, got our pitcher of sangria, and the first plate of food showed not more than 2 minutes later. And oh the food. We had calamari like buddah, chicken paillard which is grilled chicken in this amazing cream sauce - amazing cream sauces are pretty much featured with everything. And ceviche and mussels and sauteed mushrooms and chicken wings and bread and terribly rich desserts and coffee and we all grew larger. I lost my Sopranos videotape I was so drugged with caloric goodness. But we'd already seen the episodes on it so, eh.

Today has been mostly about going to the Social Security office. I got there between 2:30 and 3 PM. I didn't talk to anybody until after 4. I got out around 20 after 4. I was the third person they helped during that entire time. Just un fucking believable. As soon as someone would finish helping a customer (patron? supplicant? PFB?), she'd close her window and go away. It came down to one woman working. From before I got there until 4, she did nothing but talk to this elderly lady standing at her counter, about their fucking grandchildren. Oh, old age, it's gonna be so much fun!

Anyway. Oh and the IRS is shut down too. Supposedly they changed my birthday. I just refiled with the old wrong one they had on file, I figure that's the fastest. At this point, late schmate, I'm already paying close to $7K, what are they gonna fine me, $15? Gee.

On the other hand: Popeye's. There's a branch up there on Fillmore by the SS office. And! And! My next buncha books from the SFBC came in the mail. New Steven King, new Jack McDevitt, new book by someone I never heard of. Tomorrow's Friday! Weekend! Reading! Not working!

All kinds of bands coming to Bottom of the Hill, too. Richard Buckner, Arab Strap. Missed Jets to Brazil I think unless they're playing somewhere else. I just missed Polly Jean Harvey at the video store this afternoon, she's staying somewhere in the neighborhood. I hear there might be a surprise show at Du Nord this weekend. Hope so.

6:31 PM: Oh! Also! My Watcher's Guide, Vol. 2 came Today with the other books, too. Now I am an officially compleat geek. And I got a new rubber wallet from Used Rubber, who are giving up on the physical retail biz and sticking to web orders. Steve from Naked Eye, the video store, says he's been talking to their realtor about moving into the space. Let's hope for that, too. Stupid landlords.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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