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3 April 2001

3:53 PM: Gamera 3 is the most kick-ass Gamera film ever made, full stop. Just bloody amazing. The battle scenes are incredible - for one thing, it makes no bones about the fact that, hey, having a bunch of monsters fighting on top of your city is no picnic. I mean, we see bodies being blown into the air for Bob's sakes! When was the last time you saw Godzilla accidentally killing 15,000 people? The dialogue is great, too. I love the meeting of the Special Government Monster Task Force. "Why is Japan continually attacked by monsters?" Finally, the question that dared not be asked!

It's funny and it's hugely dramatic and there's tons of Gamera blood and squashed-up monsters and a big evil monster that looks like I don't even know what - some kind of bad acid-trip dream about a flower mating with Doc Octopus and Pokemon. Went with Saul, Theresa, Melanie, and Veronica - poor Lana was sick and missed it. This is a pretty discerning group, and everyone loved it. Veronica's first Gamera movie, too. Man, is she going to get a misleading impression...

I honestly was going to get up and start working from home Today around 9 AM. The alarm went off, and I vaguely remember a story about George Bush invading the Chinese Balkans - I might be a bit mixed up about that one - but then suddenly it was noon and my head hurt a Lot. Suppose it's possible I was out a wee bit too late last night. Ow. On the other hand - tea.

What else? Called Das Doktor to find out what I'm supposed to do now that I've eaten all my antibiotics and am still playing Hilton to the green-monster invasion in my head. No callback yet, though. Maybe wasabi pills or something, I dunno.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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