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20 March 2001

1:28 PM: Well, how exciting! I just went through my first rotating power outage. I feel like I have now officially entered the 21st Century. In the spirit of other great urban catastrophes - the Blitz, the seige of Stalingrad, that time when the coffee guy didn't show up and we only had decaf all morning - citizens pulled together with plucky smiles and a can-do! attitude, helping to distribute solar-powered candles and explaining to bewildered Internet contractors the history and behavior of that great fiery ball in the sky. As luck would have it, the coffee shop and newsstand were in a different outage block, so I was able to while away the hours until power was restored without too much discomfort. (I of course had to wait it out, because after all, I'm taping Buffy tonight.)

Hey, speaking of Buffy: I watched a large chunk of my first season DVDs this weekend. My gosh, SMG has lost a lot of weight. She looks so much healthier in the early shows. Also: short skirts. They're all really young looking in general, which I guess they actually were. Even Charisma Carpenter is a not-too-improbable high school student - though no way a freshman. I'd never seen "Nightmares" before, in particular. Great episode, the first real sign of how strange this show was going to be.

Then re-watched "Fool For Love" last night, and "The Body" for the third time. And still wept like an idiot, despite knowing what was going to happen in every scene. I was struck this time by what a good job Michelle Trachtenberg is doing - to come in to an established group like that so suddenly, and make it seem credible. You find yourself in the same position as the Scoobies - you know she's not really Buffy's sister, and yet you believe that she is at the same time. You can't help but think so. This, I'm sure, is no accident.

So it's kind of distressing to read all the news about the contract disputes between Fox and The WB over where the show will air next season. Someone on a mailing list I'm on raised the spectre of Buffy moving to Fox and being scheduled directly Opposite Angel. A year ago I wouldn't have believed anybody could be so stupid - then Fox did just that with Dark Angel. In a manger, indeed. Idiots.

OK, no more procrastinating. I have to go into work now. I haven't actually been in the office for more than a week. It's a little weird. I hope they haven't sold my chair.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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