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  I Am So High

19 March 2001

11:48 AM: Well, in a sense. I think I have been working since 6 PM on Sunday. Thereabouts, anyway. I don't really feel sleepy as such, but I wouldn't claim to being awake either. But rather that than awakening to be a clam.

Taking a shower just now, I was blowing the shaving cream out of my nostrils when all of a sudden my ear made this loud SKRRRRRRCH!!!! noise inside, and I heard what sounded like hissing coming out of it. I thought, Oh great, all the air is running out of my head! It turned out to just be the sound of the shower, though. I didn't recognize it because I hadn't heard anything with that ear for days and days. I am just running down all over, I tell ya.

I did sleep this weekend, though. Honest. Saturday I woke up at 10 AM and almost started working, and then thought, What the fuck am I doing? I fell right back over and slept until 8 PM. Then I went up to get tickets to Badly Drawn Boy from the Fillourwalletsupmoreplease box office (have something of an objection to paying a 6 dollar "convenience charge" on a 20 dollar ticket), and then saw Hannibal. Feh. Rent it with a lot of people and drugs or something so you can laugh at the people who get grossed out and talk during the boring parts. I can't see any other way it'd be worth paying attention to.

Then it was Saint Putzes Day all over, of course, and my sinuses were going nuclear, so that was fun. All week I'd been harassing Saul to remember to bring me back my tape of the last Sopranos episode, so I could tape this week's one at the end of it. Finally, his roommate went back to their house and brought it to me at the bar, very kindly. So last night, put the tape in, set the cable box, set the VCR, everything's all ready .... and I forgot to push the "TIMER" button. D U M B everyone's accusing me. Thank god it's HBO, they repeat everything four times. But what a doofus. Shee.

OK, I have to go be intelligent somewhere now. It's a laugh.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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