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11 December 2000

7:10 PM: I was certain that I had already started this entry. Must have been last year. Gloomy rainy day here. Sort of slept, sort of woke up, then listened to the audio of the Supreme Court hearings this morning. It's annoying not being able to tell who's asking the questions, and the transcripts just say "QUESTIONER". Why don't they just wear hoods? Shee.

My stomach doesn't have a good feeling about the whole thing. Never know, never know - well, you'll know, I mean, you do know because Today for you is after the fact, but Today for me, we still don't know. But we suspect. Glad-handing asshole. Argh.

It would be a good day to be in bed. It'd be nice to have some noodles. It'd be nice for a lot of things to be true that aren't true anymore, or never were, or never will be. But gosh, formatting complex articles about expensive toys for pseudo-hipster boys makes up for everything!

7:18 PM: I am so glad I don't drive a car. I just went down to McFoodlikesubstances. It's dark, it's cold, it's kind of rainy, and Third Street is all cars. Sidewalk to sidewalk, bumper to bumper, gridlocking the intersections in their Explorers and Beemers, all the way from the bridge to Market Street, as far as I could see. And you know what's out there, waiting for you to let your attention drift: one of those little 5 mph crash-crash-tinkle-tinkle accidents, that don't hurt anybody (at least until they've seen their lawyers), but cause enough damage to the car(s) that you have to get out, exchange insurance, yadda yadda. It's not like you could just take off anyway, because nobody can travel more than 10 feet in any direction.

Speaking of drifting attention and crackle-crash-crash, went to see Dancer in the Dark last night. My, what a warm lighthearted film. A real feelgood holiday movie, with important lessons about life. Like, "You can't trust musical-theatre people." Other people are much more articulate about this sort of thing than I am, so I hate to repeat what's been said better. Saul thought it was silly and needed more Catherine Deneuve. I say, it's unclassifiable, it's worth seeing, it's a very strange and moving and funny and disturbing film. Bjork gives the female film performance of the year beyond question. Oscars be damned.

9:25 PM: Actually the plot to Dancer in the Dark is a lot like this election. So you might want to wait and see it on video in a year or something.

9:50 PM:

The Wq command is unknown.
If I never, ever, ever have to see that flash at the bottom of the screen again, for the rest of eternity, that'll still be too soon.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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