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10 December 2000

3:25 PM: Jeez. This dumb computer crashed last night, and something went borken with it. The new router seemed to be working fine, but the computer just wouldn't talk to it. About 12 hours later, I finally got it working again. I don't particularly know how, though I did end up having to replace one of the strangely-named Winblows executables from the recovery disks. But that lack of actual knowledge doesn't stop me from having a feeling of, Oh yes, I am The Man, I fixed it myself, ha ha ha. Hands on hips.

Which is really somewhat pathetic. And reminds me of something similar I realized with some distaste on Friday: I have succumbed. Yes, I am now an evil Stigmata Phone person. I found myself standing on the corner, waiting for a cab, watching this gaggle of un-with-it folks on the other corner also trying to hail a cab (or three, there were so many of them). They were kind of annoying anyway, so obviously trying to be hipsters and falling so short. But there I was, in my hey-it's-not-fashion-it's-just-how-I-dress black leather jacket and blue jeans and copyleft T-shirt (such a distinctive look), and thinking, "Tsch, amateurs. Maybe I'll just whip out my NEW CELL PHONE and CALL a cab. Which I can do, you know. CALL one. Because I happen to have this CELL PHONE." More swagger. Sigh. It was almost like having a penis again.

I dunno. I need to do something to cure this kind of crap. Maybe start hanging out with the ops people more, to get some object lessons in how absolutely little I understand about pretty much anything at all. I'm not shy because I'm humble, I'm just a craven.

OK, change topic: Oooh! David Boyeees is gonna be arguing Gore's case in the Supreme Court tomorrow, I read! You know Scalia is gonna try to rattle him, and man, he just don't even care what Justice Soprano thinks about him. I was just listening to him on Meet the Press, and Tim Russert was hitting him with every lame-ass psycho conservative slam that's been voiced in the last week or so - only this time, with a pause for the other person to answer. And Boies just knocked 'em all down, bing bing bing.

5:45 PM: "You know that old saying about diarhhea - 'Just let it run its course'? Where did that come from?"
- TV commercial during Hardball.


Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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