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23 October 2000

10:21 PM: Well, where to start? Friday night was King Crimson at The Fillmore. It was a good show, but something didn't seem quite right, compared to the way that people at work had raved about the Thursday show. Poor young Penny was so overwhelmed by the lack of fresh air amidst all us giants, and the way-too-overwhelming surplus of "mystic herb, dude", that she nearly got sick and had to bolt after the first encore. That didn't help, but it seemed like there was something more.

Then, ah hah, I read this in Fripp's road diary:

Our second night at the Fillmore ended prematurely during the encores following a flash. You can't tell people how to behave. You may ask, even explain your position at length over a period of years. And then, you can't tell people how to behave.

Typical. Just fucking typical. "Oh fuck it, dood, he's just a fuckin rock star, like whatever, fuck you, I'll do what I want, man." Losers. I hate Americans.

Perhaps in contrast to that last remark - and perhaps not - Saturday was the Ralph Nader Super Rally! in Oakland, which I attended with all the other stinky folks. (Though I will say, if I never see another balding man with one of those stupid-ass little tails again, it will already be too late.) It was very cool to see so many people come out for Nader. On the other hand, the speakers were nothing to write home about. They had some local Green city council something or other from Berkeley speak, who I guess was in a wheelchair, and oh my god, the pain the pain. This woman was doing nothing but SHOUTING RIGHT INTO THE MICROPHONE WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST VARIATION. It might be that she couldn't physically vary the strength of her voice because of some condition, but that's no excuse for YELLING. Move the microphone away from her mouth, for Bob's sakes. Naturally, being a Green from Berkeley, not only was she yelling, but she was boring and pedantic, lecturing us all about the terrible terrible things that were happening and how we had to stop it, and hey lady, why do you think we're here?

When Jello Biafra is the best of your warm-up speakers, there's a problem. No offense to Jello. Cornel West is a very strange man. He should really stop grabbing his whole face while he talks on stage, it makes him look like he's having a fit of some kind.

Ralph, though, Ralph was good. Long, dry, a little cut&pasty at times, but still saying things clearly and in detail that nobody else will ever talk about. But he didn't do much chanting, and used lots of big words, and so by the time he was done, about a third of the people in the place had left.

Today I got up way too early to do laundry because I had nothing that hadn't already been worn a couple of times. Then I tried going back to sleep, and just as I was on the verge, ta da, the phone rang.

So I'm really tired, and I didn't really eat lunch, and things are kind of iffy. Naturally, this was the cue for the first of the real code-heavy chapters of the PHP book to come back from technical review. I'm just in such a perfect mood to read things like "GAK! Why are you doing it this way? This is horrible!"

And on top of everything else, our company - not our corporate overlords, but our own dumb-ass selves - has officially declared that the correct term is "e-mail". In other words, we are now self-proclaimed anti-geeks. JFG.

Note to self: sign nothing for next 24 hours...

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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