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3 October 2000

6:27 PM: I'm trying to watch the debate. I really am. But oh my God. I couldn't even bear to listen to the first complete sentence out of Gore's mouth. He's completely ignoring the questions, of course. I suppose that's the way you're supposed to do it, but oh for christ's sake shut up. Shut up! Return of the Robot.

Meanwhile, Howdy Doody looks like he's wondering where the rest of the Kiwanis went...

6:31 PM:

OK, now it's a little more tolerable. Slightly. Bush is kinda whiny, isn't he? This webcast is making things look a little strange. Jim Lehrer has no eyes, just two black holes. And Gore's skin looks like a bad wallpaper job.

Oh, god, here we go - "There's a man here tonight..." How Spontaneous. Thud.

6:36 PM: Cool. My pointer's frozen. Sigh.

10:30 PM: I'm gonna see if it helps to have the pointer hiding off the edge of the screen. Goddamnwindowsalltohell.

So! Here's an interesting factoid I just heard. Bush's people figured out that the lights were actually hotter on Gore than on Bush, and didn't say anything about it. Naturally. But that's why Gore looked so much more like a wax museum figurine than normal, for him.

All I can say after watching those two fuckheads for 90 minutes is, 1) Why? and 2) I am definitely voting for Nader now.

I've been messing about with this little form app to make entries again, so I never did actually do one yesterday. This is pretty much the definition of "labor-saving software" - it saves you labor by making it impossible to work. I am OK with this myself.

But! But! I had a very exciting thought this weekend. It scared me, it did. I thought it and then I sort of sat bolt upright on the bed where I had been peacefully reading Gormenghast and not doing something or other that I really ought to have been doing even though it was very very early in the day. I even yelped, yes it's true.

And what was this thought? Well, see = oh crap. well, hiding the pointer off the screen does not help, for the record. Anyway. As I've mentioned once or twice in these pages, my dream job/profession/whatever would be to own a bookstore. OK, a bookstore that's also a coffee shop where you can smoke, and a repertory movie house, and network cafe and bar plus I get to live upstairs. But primarily a bookstore. I've never worked in one, so maybe I'm crazy. But at least I'd be talking to people who read all day.

This has always been in that "gee-if-I-were-king" category: nice to think about, never gonna happen. And then I Thought, hey. Company being bought by foreigners. Stock price premium. Options vested. Large windfall amount of money due late this year, maybe early next. Plus - Weekends and Wednesdays for a month of freelancing, I earned almost as much as two months' gross at regular job.

Large actual dollop of capital - not Internet millionaire, but more in the house-buying than car-buying range (bar utter economic collapse in the next month, knock on my head). Part-time free-lance work that can pay actual necessary personal bills.

And there are two vacant retail spaces on Haight Street not two blocks from my house.

I. Could really. Really. Open. A Bookstore.


I am having to think a lot now. Plus time to watch Buffy.

I really could do it. Fuck.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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