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23 April 1999

10:05 AM: While being awakened by being divebombed by a gigantic, angry, and disoriented bee is certainly effective, I think on the whole I'll stick with my usual clock radio & hour of groaning denial method in the future, thanks.

3:33 PM: Two new CDs from the too-tempting Tower Outlet next door: Angels With Dirty Faces by Tricky, and the X-Files soundtrack, which will fill (for now) the gap left by the missing Vangelis soundtrack for Brade Runnel, a perfect background for late night office work. Don't know about the Tricky one, but 6 bucks, hey. They also had Babe: Pig in the City but I had to stop myself. I'm still adding up pennies to figure out if Australia is going to be possible, after all.

5:39: Still more people quitting today. Ay Columbia. Lookin' dumber every day - if I may make such fine distinctions. "Under this electron microscope, we can see that his dignity has been reduced by half." Rich, I really should be rich, I'd be an excellent moneyed wastrel. Dedicated people could wrap me around their little finger for good causes, I'd overtip everyone, I wouldn't buy an SUV.

Nothing seems like it would be so delightful as being able to behave irrationally, in a strict economic sense. To deliberately run a bookstore, or a movie house, or apartment building, or combination of all three - with satellite AND cable! - and do so at a loss, just to do it, ah me. Now that's a way to give value back to the world. All you young energetic folk reading this, keep that in mind. And make that a combination bookstore/movie-house/apartment/home-care building. I'm gonna need to live somewhere. Creak.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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