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27 June 2000

9:45 PM: Too early, too late, too much to do. Another month gone by, how that happens I will never understand. More talking about the future today, what with the genome pretty-much-done announcement in the news, and a meeting about our new 401k plan here at work. It's a very peculiar and new sensation to look at dates like 2020 and automatically do the math - "Hmm, OK, I'll be... 61. That's possible. 2040, though - 81? Hmm." Will I be alive or not? I'm going to retire, for fuck's sake, in a time horizon that I can see and imagine right now. Well, in theory retire. How we're supposed to plan for all of this when we could very well be underwater by then, I don't know.

Jeez. Motto for the day, that. For the century:


Professional Crank Dept:

To: editor@salon.com
Subj: Oooh, Genes!

"The implications of germline engineering are so profound, and scary, that some leading scientists dismiss the possibility that anyone would seriously contemplate doing it. "

How are they "scary", exactly? Scary to whom? Not to me. To you? Oh, so your ill-informed opinion has now been translated into objective fact? That's the real "sci-fi fantasy" in this article. That phrase, by the way - "sci-fi fantasy" and its ilk - is another extremely tired piece of boilerplate - as opposed to sexual fantasy? power fantasy? political fantasy? when what you really mean to say is "something else that I've never thought about and can't understand and so can be dismissed out of hand like all that other crap that geeks talk about that isn't real." But then that would show the threadbare thinking behind the writing, and that wouldn't do.

Would you assign someone to cover an open source story who would turn in the kind of knee-jerk work we can read in Newsweek? No. On the contrary, your open source stories are usually written with a fair depth of understanding of the issues involved and a knowledge of the community.

So why can't you do the same with your biology articles? Don't you see that biology is going to be just as important if not more so? Instead we get this appalling Eurowannabe Frankenstyle bilge.

I'm disappointed.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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