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7 March 2000

8:49 PM: Raining again. Dark outside, too. Guess that'll happen at night time. Waiting for election results. Well. Details of election results. Results themselves, pretty clear. Doom doom boom boom, stop that whining or go to your room. Boredom, Stupidity & Evil have a big lead at this hour over Mildly Interesting, Modest At Least & Not Actively Dangerous, and it looks like the whole story's already over. Satan, how do things look from Washington?


I had a turkey burger today. It was good. The bay looks neat under prerainy skies like these, gray and forbidding and foreign.

Oh, and the company's stock went back up! That was good. I sold it. Now you can crash. Good cow.

11:14: I admit it. I voted for McCain. I did the bad thing, and only because I wanted him to go on calling Shrub names for a while yet. Sorry, Bill. Hey, though, Nader got 35,000+ votes. Woohoo! Why didn't he run for the Reform Party ticket, though? Or too? Cmon, he takes away every semi-legitimate appeal Buchanan has, and leaves him with the culture war.

E.J. Dionne had an op-ed piece in the Washington Post today where he calls the people who have supported Perot, Ventura, and McCain "the Anti-Party Party [...] rebels with very different causes, united only by a sense of disgust." Which is accurate as far as it goes, because as he points out, the only thing these folks - as well as Buchanan - have in common is that they're agin 'em. But then he (quite condescendingly, too, fuck you very much E.J.) explains,

"If anti-partyites want politicians to fight less, they need to specify what they should be agreeing on. If they think the pols are too cozy, they need to say what they should be fighting about. But as soon as they begin answering those questions, anti-partyites might find themselves breaking up into--well, parties."
Gee, really, no shit? Nice strawman. It's not about fighting less or more. People aren't anti Party as in the abstract concept. They're anti TheParty, as in the single ruling party with the two intramural teams and the funny animal mascots. As the saying goes, "Third party? I want a second party."

Oh, but, fudge. Boy I did fuck all at work today, too. Some pro sonny bono Perl stuff for the EFF, a little piece of code for another group at work. Shrug. I'm behind on my regular stuff, too. Having that not-caring problem. Well, supposedly, tomorrow I get my hair colored finally. Maybe that'll help. Ha.

Man, I used to be a lot funnier.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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