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  Peanut & Honey, It's Very Different

18 February 2000

5:33 PM:

``In order to have the great reliability that we promise with Windows, you can't have all these variant versions where somebody has gone and tinkered with source code here and tinkered with source code there.''
And people say Bill Gates has no sense of humor.

9:36: MRB Survey - Honey & Peanut: Hmmm. Didn't that other bar say it was Honey & Peanut too? This is very different, though. The other one was more like a nut bar, while this is chocolate(ish) on the outside and space-food-stick-ish on the inside, no actual nutlike objects in evidence. When you read in bad SF space operas about the remaining passengers of the giant captainless freighter being down to rations as they hurtle through the void? This is what they're eating. Now, that does actually come pretty close to what an MRB is supposed to be, so I have to give it points for that. It's not bad, really, just dull.

10:28: I had to go down to the Hall of Justice (that's its name, not an editorial comment, so don't blame me) today, to get a postponement of a jury duty summons that I had let go way too late under the mistaken impression that this was something one could do over the telephone. Silly man, I know. Getting there was more of a pain than getting the postponement, though, the clerk was quite calm.

It's just so weird walking into a big building like that that's chock-a-block with cops and, and, I dunno, crime. Also, though it shames me a little, I must admit - lawyers are pretty darn cute. Especially the defense lawyers. The women ones, I should say, not to rule out the cuteness of the men, it's just that I didn't really pay any attention to them. Oh man, and yes yes, the cops were kind of cute too. Agh, I'm a State groupie. My collective is going to kick me out if they hear about this.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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