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7 December 1999

9:44 PM:


"Now, of course, when we said that we valued your skills as individuals, and your expertise in this industry, we didn't mean that we would actually listen to you about anything."


Buahahahahahaha....... god, what a bunch of maroons.

More & more I am liking the idea I was talking to Lana about the other day. Open a co-op web production shop. Don't take revenge by becoming someone else's nightmare - get rid of bosses altogether. Hire accountants, hire HR if you need it, even hire managers - hey, it's a skill. But stop making vast fortunes for the children of the upper class, who go to their nice little schools and get their nice little MBAs and don't know dick about anything of value.

When I grow up I'm gonna be a Communist. Yay!

Speaking of Yay!!:

TicketWeb Sale Confirmation You have purchased 4 tickets for
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 / Three Day Stubble

Your tickets are valid: Saturday, December 18 at 10:00 PM.

I might be able to get away without saying much of anything at all Today:

Retirement check goes in a beer spree

NAIROBI, Kenya - A sugar company employee who took early retirement lost his $3,600 pension in a night full of beer, women and song, Kenyan newspapers reported on Thursday.

The man, who was unnamed, cashed his pension check as soon as he stopped work and headed for a bar.

"Feeling thoroughly liquid and hence unstoppable, he set to conquer a woman from a neighboring country," the Kenya Times said. "The retiree, together with his newfound lover ... proceeded to drown other revelers in free beers for hours on end."

When the bars ran out of beer the couple staggered to a hotel. When the pensioner woke, the woman and the last of his pension were gone. She was last seen boarding an early-morning long-distance bus.

Note to self: get this book.

Note to self: read this book.

Ah hah!

Today, however, we are trying to straddle the fence -- to maintain the traditional mind-set, in which capital is the key resource and the financier is the boss, while bribing knowledge workers to be content to remain employees by giving them bonuses and stock options. But this, if it can work at all, can work only as long as the emerging industries enjoy a stock-market boom, as the Internet companies have been doing. The next major industries are likely to behave far more like traditional industries -- that is, to grow slowly, painfully, laboriously. The early industries of the Industrial Revolution -- cotton textiles, iron, the railroads -- were boom industries that created millionaires overnight, like Balzac's venture bankers and like Dickens's ironmaster, who in a few years grew from a lowly domestic servant into a "captain of industry." The industries that emerged after 1830 also created millionaires. But they took twenty years to do so, and it was twenty years of hard work, of struggle, of disappointments and failures, of thrift. This is likely to be true of the industries that will emerge from now on. It is already true of biotechnology. Bribing the knowledge workers on whom these industries depend will therefore simply not work. The key knowledge workers in these businesses will surely continue to expect to share financially in the fruits of their labor. But the financial fruits are likely to take much longer to ripen, if they ripen at all. And then, probably within ten years or so, running a business with (short-term) "shareholder value" as its first -- if not its only -- goal and justification will have become counterproductive. Increasingly, performance in these new knowledge-based industries will come to depend on running the institution so as to attract, hold, and motivate knowledge workers. When this can no longer be done by satisfying knowledge workers' greed, as we are now trying to do, it will have to be done by satisfying their values, and by giving them social recognition and social power. It will have to be done by turning them from subordinates into fellow executives, and from employees, however well paid, into partners.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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