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6 December 1999

9:07 PM: Of course we know that there's not really any such thing as big scary probe-eating ghosts on Mars. Not really, nope.

I picked up the new Beck CD this weekend and am listening to it Right Now, for the very first time! Wow! Aren't you excited?! OK, but honest, it's pretty funny. "I wanna get with you / And your sister / I think her name's Debra... "

Just part of another Herd O'CDs, this time purchased in the genuine flesh at a Tower Records store where a friend of mine works. Lots of neato greatest-hits compilations on sale, I got XTC and Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry. More old fart music, I know, but ah just can't hep it... Plus they had Kind of Blue and Giant Steps for like 9 bucks each, score. Buying stuff is fun. Beats the hell out of poverty, for sure.

Speaking of the hell out of poverty, I saw Lauren this weekend, when we FINALLY managed to see Being John Malkovich. What a wild movie that is. I bow down in worship at the feet of the screenwriter, I can tell you. Best science fiction film of the last few years, especially because you'd never think of it as one. We dress like students, we dress like art films...

She's doing pretty faboo, sounds like. Working for an unnamed brokerage, doing almost all the writing and page-thinking-out for a section of their web site that gets maybe 10% of their total traffic, but makes closer to half of their total revenue. This kind of job is what we professional typists refer to as "well-placed". She's even talking about buying a house. Sheesh. I can't even bring myself to trust a savings account. "Oh sure, you think it's safe, but what happens when there's a run on the bank? Then that mean old rich man'll end up owning half the town, just as soon as you can say Jack Robinson!"

Also saw The Straight Story, lovely lovely film. Reminds you that there's an entire life story behind every single face you see, everywhere you go, no matter how "ordinary" those people are or how much you'd think you could guess everything there is to know about them. Sometimes, yes you probably could, but sometimes not, and how do you know?

Still tired.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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