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29 October 1999

5:21 PM: Oh yeah. Smart guy, that's me. "Tonight I think, 'Send it out and run!' I'm learning." Yes, learning to be a MAROON

I got paged at 3 AM last night/this morning/whatever, just as I had gotten into bed, because the site was completely beserk. Pages would load, or they would be full of errors when they did, or just all kinds of terrible things. Spent two hours trying to work on it from home - having so very cleverly forgotten to bring home the laptop that has our publishing software installed on it. The laptop that I had specifically been talking about taking home, to someone here just last night, just in case something went wrong in the off hours.

Ha ha. Ha ha. Hi, Atlanta - room on that bench?

Then after two mostly fruitless hours at 28.8, I had to get a cab and come in to the building to work with another hapless individual on fixing the problem. If you've lost count, that was at 5 AM. Today.

I went back home around 9:30, and came back in around 2 PM. Major bonus points all around for crashing the site for 3 hours. I bet this would be a great time to find out about that raise. Oy.

Well, Luscious Jacksons and all that still, try to salvage something out of the weekend. At least the whole office crush thing has moved back toward equilibrium. I must have been doing The Look, because she's been at a distance. Or sure, I guess it's possible that none of it has ever had anything to do with me at all. If you want to be all cynical and shit. Yeah.

The database girl downstairs, though, wore this PVC catsuit for Halloween at work. Mao.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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