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21 September 1999

10:43 PM: Have I mentioned how much Windows98 sucks? And in how many ways? No wonder these silly people around here kept complaining about what a crappy browser Netscape is - they were trying to run it on this laughably-labeled "operating system". Funny, on either Mac or Linux it runs ever so much better. I'm sure that there's nothing anti-competitive going on here, though. Just a coincidence.

Ach, they're all toy computers anyway. Made with ropes and pulleys. Get me out of this century!

In other news, Snack® today was Jelly Beans - I don't think actual Jelly Babies but some other kind of fancy-ass brand. With flavors like coffee, watermelon, lime daquiri, you know. I learned my fact for the day: if you continually eat one jelly bean after another, not a whole bunch but just one at a time steadily, you will go all day without ever thinking about actual food. This is good or bad depending, obviously. Good if you're too broke to eat, or just don't want to eat for some reason. I don't know how good it is if you're trying to lose weight, though, since you are eating all those jelly beans. It's not good for sure if you go out drinking after work, because even if you didn't think about it, you still don't have anything in your stomach but jelly beans, and you will get far more smashed than you expect and probably do something silly that may result in personal injury, embarassment, or legal action.

Fortunately, I realized what was happening and got a sandwich, so I'm OK. Relatively speaking.

More people getting married all the time. And, oh, I wish them all the best and that kind of thing, but. When one of these bright young things here at work says she's going on vacation, and I ask if she's doing anything special, and she gets That Smile and says, "I'm getting MARRIED!", my first impulse is still to say, "Oh, I'm so terribly sorry. You must be brave."

Don't you hate trying to hit the $ key to go to the bottom of the file and hitting 4 instead? Bugs the fuck out of me.

A very nice blurb from Lucy in her survey of Journallers I Have Known today. Journalists? No, that'd give the wrong impression, wouldn't it? As if we knew what we were doing. That's only true for a very few people. It also implies factual accounts, and I know that'd be terribly misleading. As Sylvia's Lady Who Lies In Her Diary says, "Oh come on, you'd do it too."

I'm amazed at that list of people, at the length of it I mean. Socially skilled people like Lucy are like nuclear physicists to me. If they describe what they do in a very abstract way, I can kinda follow along and it's quite fascinating. But what they actually do is so far over my head I could rent the air space in-between to NASA.

And I admit to nothing about any kind of follies, youthful, Bergere, or otherwise.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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