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17 August 1999

6:28 PM: Motherfuncking son of a bitch goddamn this server anyway. I try to write email - boom. I try to read email - boom. I try to just look at the damn log. Boom. And of course, I try to write this, and large fluppish sound.

So, Try #3.

Speaking of booms, we just had an earthquake. Fun! Big Truck Hits Earth! A 5.0 so says the USGS (and let's all stop to send a hearty FuckYOU! to the Republicans for wanting to put the USGS out of business).

On the other hand, the death toll in Turkey's quake is up around 2000 last I heard. So it's a little strange to be making jokes about ours.

Sure you're not nervous yet, yuppie loft owners? Ever hear of unreinforced masonry? You will. Got bricks? Ow!

Hey, you know, I hear that Austin's a realllllly cool place to live these days...

I did go to apply for my passport, much to my own surprise. I almost got tossed out, though - I'd forgotten that I stopped using my middle name as it was given me at birth, and started using my Confirmation name instead, because I got to pick that one. My birth certificate says one thing, the new license says another. Finally we agreed that I could just amend the application form to use both. So now I guess my passport will show me as Mr. Very Long Ass Name. Esquire. The Third. Mrs.

There is a very strange ad campaign for Chevron (I think) gas stations. These are posters at the actual stations themselves. One has a picture of this woman, posed with one hand on her hip and the other with one finger pointing away, a somewhat provocative stance. Simple dress, buttons up the front. She's sexy in a 60s Italian film way, the housewife in the prime of life with unsuspected passions. The poster reads, "I just want to pump, pay, and run."

What's sad to me is that I bet it's not even deliberate.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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