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9 May 1999

Mary took me out for dinner for my birthday last night. And how's that for the most unlikely beginning for a journal entry I could have imagined only a couple months ago? Damn. It was a completely excellent and overstuffing meal at this very posh Indian restaurant. A good time was had by all. She was explaining to me about meditation, which she's gotten quite serious about since taking up Tantric Buddhism a year or so ago. The goal, apparently, is to reach a moment of no thought. I told her I have those moments all the time, but I don't think just staring off into space for no reason counts. Oh well.

Then straight from there to see The Creatures, which didn't start very promisingly. Once again either I misread the information at the Hall's web site, or it was just wrong, because instead of arriving at 8 PM and having it be the nominal show time, it was in fact just as the doors were opening. I knew that would mean there'd be a bit of a wait for the first act, but after a while I got the sense that something was a bit off. Yes, just a bit - it was nearly 10 and no bands at all. Finally, at a quarter to 11, the lights went down - and then everyone got much happier. Because no opening band that we'd never heard of to sit through for another hour, this, but Budgie and Siouxsie Sioux themselves dancing out onto the stage!

And it was worth the wait. Amazing show. Just Budgie on drums, a guy playing bass, another girl with astonishing topiary hair playing violin or bass, and Siouxsie singing and twanking a synthesizer. All that was required, because that's what you need to lay out the rhythms, and the rhythms were the songs. Not often that such unfamiliar material - I've heard Anima/Anime, their new CD, maybe twice - can not only sound good, but even thrilling. And Siouxsie's still got it - there was a point where this giant Xena-like woman climbed up on stage, knelt on one knee before Siouxsie, and kissed her hand like a knight swearing allegiance. It seemed perfectly appropriate, especially given Siouxsie's semi-chain-mail getup. Finally hearing "Pluto" played live... sigh.

Not a bad omen for today, either, considering she's definitely older than I am. Because this Today is that singular Today, my 40th birthday. Ow. Have to go get ready now - I almost forgot that I need to go buy a copy of 1999 to torture people with at my party. Now let's just hope they show up to be tortured. Silly to worry, I'm sure - this is the equivalent of a what, 8-kegger? But I am up against Simpsons and X-Files, not to mention Mother's Day and the usual Sunday lethargy. So we'll see.

Better call my Mom, too, if I can find the number. She started all of this.

2:17 AM: To everyone who showed up tonight - thank you! To the rest of you - oh my gosh, my so-called friends, flakes?? I had no idea. Heh.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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