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8 February 1999

6:45 PM: Bwaaaaaaaaaathump. My god. How do you people do this every day?

I had to attend a meeting today, starting at 9 AM - AM! - and going until about an hour ago now. Which meant getting up at 7 - 7! - crawling around the apartment remembering my name, showering, discovering the joys of commute-hour MUNI, and all of that fun stuff. I thought I'd allow twice the usual time to get there. Ha ha! Panglossian fool! The trains going downtown got tired and bored, I guess, because they decided to stop running. It was neat. Then not falling off my chair in a coma around 3 this afternoon, when the temporary novelty buzz had worn off and lunch sunk in.

I feel like someone has sucked all the oxygen out of the air. I can't imagine trying to write code right now, or do anything else that has any consequences. Is this the state of mind the other people around here are in when I roll up around 3 and start harassing them? This may be the main reason I'm still employed. Smarter than I thought, me.

So, big weekend, si si. Third season of Buffy to date this weekend. Not as big an impact as watching the last 14 episodes of the second season. These were funnier, though, which did come as kind of a relief. I really liked Buffy's mom cheering her on from the sidelines like a soccer mom: "Go on honey! Kill him!" Hey, there's a new political niche. Slayer moms. Or maybe stakeholders. Ar ar ar. Don't shoot.

Clash of Kings was good, but bleak, jeez. Let's see, have we driven all of the main sympathetic characters into exile, or killed them, or cut off their legs, or something sufficiently nasty? Oh, there's the dwarf, we missed him - let's cut his nose off! And you think I'm kidding, too.

The show Sunday night was fun. My fave heart throbs, Sissy Bar, were, of course, utterly faboo, except that the set was too short, dammit. New songs from upcoming new CD. I liked Space Clown especially. What was really nice was to see some other new local(-ish) bands, and having them turn out to not suck! I even bought two CDs, from two out of the four bands. One, from Capsule, I haven't listened to yet. I have a bad tendency to want to remember their name as Clueless. Let's hope that's not a predictor.

The other one, from The Sugarplastic, I'm hearing right now, in another exclusive live! journalling event. They're a three-piece band, and live they were a nice bass-prominent melodic loopy structured pop sound, with goofy lyrics that were written by someone having at least a speaking acquaintance with the English language. This is all a good thing. And now, on CD, they turn out to sound like XTC, if they had been from LA and 20whatever now instead of back when they were. This is a very good thing! But they are from LA, which means they won't play up here that often, and that's not a good thing. Oh well.

Of course it is just possible that the evening has a certain positive glow in my mind because I actually talked to a girl. Thud. But no, really, I did. Her name was Sam (well, not really, but the resonance is similar), she's from Boston originally, used to live in LA, now lives here, working on a novel, and no of course I didn't get or give a phone number or email, because it didn't even occur to me until like an hour after I left. And that'll tell you how long it's been right there. But hey, not a large. The important thing is that the principle was established.

It's entirely about the haircut. I realize that now. I think I need to start getting them weekly.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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