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5 February 1999

8:05 PM: The question of these 5 minutes: where is nss_files.so.1? Hmmmm? What did I tell you kids about messing with my stuff? Gosh darn it.

Something about the Pixies that makes you want to type in rhythm to the song, which really does not work if you keep on making typos, but if you can start to get it right it's a lot of fun. To type anyway. I don't know how much fun it is to read but then that's your job so you/ll just have to make the best of it.

Payday, yay day, and burning a hole through its shelf up at Borders while it waits for me, is A Clash of Kings at last, at last, at fucking long last. I read the first book, A Game of Thrones, in the summer of 1997 for gosh's sakes, in a pre-release copy I picked up from the the free bin at, um, a certain publication with which I was associated at the time. Man, I miss the free bin. I mean, it's pretty clear I'll read almost anything, I imagine. Not paying for it at least helps me feel like less of a chump. Clash of Kings I'll gladly pay for, though. For one thing, the first book was excellent. For another, it's a bonafide Big Fat Book, and I've been jonesing for one of those for weeks now.

The weekend is started to look crowded, though. Clash of Kings to read. Tapes of the 3rd season of Buffy to watch. My extra-special-favorite band of Qt/s, Sissy Bar, is playing Sunday night, as part of Poptopia. And then the special X-Files epsiodes are Sunday night as well, and I've been taping them (or trying to) for two weeks to prep for that. Plus I've got to find time in there somewhere to drink a lot and sleep for 20 hours or so. It's a rough life.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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