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1 February 1999

8:55 PM: Damn. Forgot to set the timer for X-Files again. God I hate scheduled TV. In fact I'm tired of this whole time period. It's so primitive. I get it already, you know? I'm a lot more prepared to live in the year 2020 than 1999. I mean, unless the Armageddon theme plays out, because then I'd miss out on all those years of learning to scavenge and hide from marauding bands and whatnot. But I probably wouldn't last more than a few weeks in that scenario anyway. So I'd take the chance. Get me out of here!

Extreme oversleep today. Didn't even get in until nearly 4:30. Bad move for my first unsupervised day. But, eh. Been round and round this ride before.

Primary cause, of course, up all night/morning reading. Picked up Foreigner - no, not the band, I only dream of being that much of a ho. I mean this C.J. Cherryh book, that turns out to be the first part of a trilogy, but still fairly complete on its own. Pretty decent first-contact shtick.

And, um, oh, what else. Not much. Ran and reran and rereran make on this goofy-ass Apache installation a thousand times or so and finally taught PHP to draw blue circles. Wow, huh?

I couldn't get a nickel back for this day even if I knew where to return it.

I was wondering today what life is like for short people. Started, I think, when I saw a couple walking down the street, he 6'2" and she maybe 5'3". That'd be like me dating someone 7'1". I can't begin to imagine, really. I wish somehow you could go on a tour of that reality - ShortWorld. The most ordinary things would look completely different. Closets. Store shelves. Or, God, just walking around on city streets. We might be on the same sidewalk, but we're in two different worlds.

Are movies shot in ShortWorld or TallWorld? Is TV different? Maybe that's why seeing actual locations where something was filmed always feels wrong.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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