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Today's word is MORTARS

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Some Past Entries

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Rambunctiously undulating insects near Incendiary Nathan’s garrison. (Fear)

Truly Unbelievable, Rahilly! Frankie 💙 Everyone's Delighted! (Wash!)

Extremely X-rated positions involving amorous transmissions include naked gynecologists (JohnnyG)

My Aunt Ruth Is So Annoying (Wash!)

Elongated vermin appear soon into Ophelia’s nuptials (Bee man)

Workers armed bears before initial tests started (The seer)

Sarah perptually rents yellow land yachts (Sheezus)

Amused, Danny armed militant octopi. (SC)

Do old people eat spiders? (Please answer, I'm worried about my grandma, thanks.)

Secret Unicorns Beat Peas Out Earwigs’ Nether Areas (The Watcher)

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