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Some Past Entries

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Gallbladders overestimate levels describing bile release into cake kangaroos. (The One)

predictable righteous organs saying yes (debt)

Corroded oysters mean for opal robots to eat raisins (The One)

drunk reindeer undermine santa's international expedition (nhiiccoliss jr. the fourth)

Miniscule inmates need narcotics every loss, luring intimacy. (Why do I even try)

diabetic, elastic bears also teach epic skills (the_fat_lard_42)

whinnying horses ingest narcotics, eating dust. (nhiiccoliss jr. the fourth)

Some Lazy Eastern Australian Zoologist Is Lacking Yams (Dr. Toe Fukno)

may all dirty dicks eat rocks (fackwud)

Racing eagles looks insanely awesome, birds like entertaining sports! (D*A*Z)

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