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You know the rules. Enter your submission and push the button. Then go talk amongst yourselves.

PS: OK, no, seriously, this time, I think it's better.
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And here are today's entries...

Witches offer ritual killing seminars, help others prepare. (S.)

NEW! Take revenge on an uncaring society! Encourage beauty, defy darkness! Make other people feel bad! Vote on your favorite - or least-favorite - entries. If you hate it, it will get darker; enough hate and it will turn black. If you love it, it will start turning pretty colors. Well, something other than black and white, anyway.

Some Past Entries

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Camels locate emeralds and rubies at sites in Lybia. (The_Peasant_Almighty)

Larks earn voracious integers numbing elephants (He who comes with the dawn)

Boys remain even exceeding zealously eloquent words against you (Goldminer7)

Neptune Invites Captain Kernal Everywhere Lesley Swings (pElaCaN)

Destroys Uranus Radioactively Altering Binary Language Equally.... Stuff............ (Sir Bucket)

Fritters Regurgitate Inapt Snickers Kabbalistically (Potatoe.com staff)

Rigid iguanas gag at tarps on narwhal innards (Cream Cakes)

Severely troubled retro urbanites develop ennui, leave sighing.... (Petra L)

Sudden Armaments Nationalistically Change terns under a red yam (purple people)

randomly encroaching snakes helping iguanas pizza pie eating dutch (derp)

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