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Today's word is UNBAR

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PS: OK, no, seriously, this time, I think it's better.
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NEW! Take revenge on an uncaring society! Encourage beauty, defy darkness! Make other people feel bad! Vote on your favorite - or least-favorite - entries. If you hate it, it will get darker; enough hate and it will turn black. If you love it, it will start turning pretty colors. Well, something other than black and white, anyway.

Some Past Entries

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Free Iguanas Dreading Deep Light Entering Rooms Sadly (John)
Forgotton Iguanas Dreading Deep Light Entering Rooms Sadly

Reginald egroted somandric utibility, barely masking ichorescent, tussicated spisciousness. (S.)

Kill Every Extra Person Standing at Karaoke Entrance (The Mgmt)

Manly armadillos incinerate neolithic lard aardvarks nearing destitution. (The EXTRA One)

Run In Very Eager Randomness (JJ)

Purple seals eject underfed dolphins onto ships (The EXILED One)

Sacrificial Angels Consecrate Retarded Ukaris' Mumps (The CHOSEN One)

red emulated newts originate under new clouds, eating dinosteak (The CHOSEN One)

Gallbladders overestimate levels describing bile release into cake kangaroos. (The One)

predictable righteous organs saying yes (debt)

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