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Today's word is TRUDGED

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Some Past Entries

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beautiful, useless, servile, irrelevant enveloping responsibility (petra L)

Under trump, I lament in silence every second. (Bobjim)

Can a hormonal orangutan kick it's acne? (They don't get acne, so no.)

My eyes languish at nightfall; ever seeking incandescent appurtenances (I'm not very good at this ...)

Can't Allow Neurotic Trump. Impeachment Nearing. Good! (WH)

Worm's especially savvy acronym knowledge

Androgynous niggers defile real American society. (Burton)

He exhaled little lies every day. (Petra L)

Be efficient, do as Unicorns bid, earth demon. (Newsome)

Crappy advertising traps affluent liberals offering girls shoes. (Vermhawg)
cheap ass tautologies are looming over God's shoulder (The Mgmt)
Cats And Tarsiers Are Leaping On Garter Snakes (Demi Monde)
Can anyone truly actually love old goth songs? (Petra L)
churlish asses took advantage lately of government systems (Mt Frog)
Children are the agonizing little ogres Gollum seeks. (The San Fran Fanny)

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