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Today's word is WESTLEIGH

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Some Past Entries

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rudely unkept soup hit every day (hole)

Hollering Obscenities, Godzilla Gores incompetent norse gods (Prophet)

Some other person has observed my other recent entries (Kid)

And, lo! Every Romanian toilet emptied daily. (GOAU)

Did Ian over pander to eccentric rules? (GOAU)
Defiance, India - otherwise probably the expected result. (Kid)

For unequalled dancing, gather in nocturnal groups. (Kid)

Vampires embrace nudity, opining "Underwear sucks!" (S.)
Vegan engineers need organic usability solutions. (S.)

Reading her interesting zombie overture, my eldest sang. (Puckeroo)

Emily quietly umms in the yoyo (John)

big ugly muffins piling into extra rides (potatoe)

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