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Today's word is KIDNEYS

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PS: OK, no, seriously, this time, I think it's better.
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Some Past Entries

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Wow, only ordinary dermatologists can use Turnip Shampoo (D*A*Z)

Oh U trained potatoes amusement cellphones energy

Anatomically Nothing Allows To Other Lemurs Lie Organically (SHUS)

Finally I negate Its Terrible End (vrstr3)
Finale Is Nothing I think Everyday (vrstr3)

Pastly Offices Sideline To Mark A Rustic Kard (vrstr3)

Jiggly old gal gets excruciating runner's stitch (petraL)

Rambunctiously undulating insects near Incendiary Nathanís garrison. (Fear)

Truly Unbelievable, Rahilly! Frankie 💙 Everyone's Delighted! (Wash!)

Extremely X-rated positions involving amorous transmissions include naked gynecologists (JohnnyG)

My Aunt Ruth Is So Annoying (Wash!)

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