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29 May 2002

12:24 AM: Wow, so much has changed now that I am An Entrepenooer. I stay up until dawn, I sleep until 4 PM, I do nothing but type on this computer, buy orange juice, watch anime, and sleep... Hmmm.

If I never, ever, ever, ever install another single god damn Microsoft product again in my life, it will already be several times too many. On the one side, there's Winblows, which sucks royally, but recognizes all of this fancy new hardware. On the other side, there's Linux, which I did get to install finally - funny how many problems go away when you quadruple the amount of memory - but which recognizes almost none of my hardware, and does weird things to my network settings as well. So what do I do? Buy a Mac? Oh, there's a trouble-free existence all right.

I do want a Mac, though. One of those shiny new laptops, ooooh. If only they came with the Superdrive that can write to DVDs....

Oh. I went to see Elvis Costello recently. Saturday night maybe? Some amount of time ago. Um, it was good? I don't know what to say about these things anymore. Steve Naive (almost certainly misspelled but that's what it sounds like) is still playing with him in his new band, and it sounded like the two of them have been exploring some new sounds. Lots of sampled material. It was trezz kewl. And he remembered our show! Gosh. It was at the Berkeley Community Theater, where he played about a 25-minute show back in the late Seventies, how's that for being old. There was a bit of a ruckus among us afterwards. I vaguely remember people burning Elvis posters in the courtyard outside the theater entrance, and everyone chanting "BILL GRAHAM SUCKS! BILL GRAHAM SUCKS!"

No repeats of that this time, of course, Bill being dead and all. Plus it was probably mostly the same people in the audience, and we're all far too tired for that sort of thing now. It was a nice touch for them to play the Winterland encore, though - "Lipstick Vogue" and "I Want You" done in early electric stylee.

Today has sucked a lot, thanks to aforementioned rererereinstallations. But then tonight it got a bit better, because finally, I was on the right continent at the right time to see 20 Minute Loop again. It must have been Greg's birthday or something, he was a wild man. First he was bustin a move to the DJ music before the set, and then hello Mr. Chatterbox! He must have said at least three complete sentences - and this in an abysmally short set, too. Who knows what heights of wackiness might have been climbed had they been headlining?

Despite being too short, it was one of the better 20ML shows I've seen, I think. Two new songs (new to me, anyhoo), one longish story song that made me want to read the lyrics, and another more poppy number with a great musical thing. A bass line? That's my guess, but I am not of the knowledge here. Hooky.

Jesus, it's almost June already.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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