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28 March 2002

9:45 PM: Well, they are. That's what the sign in the window said. Surely you wouldn't be suggesting that they would lie to me, would you?

Saturday, went to see Merrick and 20 Minute Loop at Hotel Utah. Yay. First time in what felt like a long, long time that I'd gone out. They were all great as usual. The singers in Merrick, who are female, made a plea on behalf of the males in the group for some, um, action. They even offered a free t-shirt and CD to any girl who would "do the right thing." Heh. There were three girls there, mostly to see 20ML I think, who were a bit wilder than the rest of us stick-in-the-muds. In between bands, they were teaching each other how to take a punch in the abdomen. Joe broke the traditional string, and Kelly got a compliment on her teeth from the guy up front. Which was, you know, a little embarassing. When one fanboy is so blatant about it, it makes all the rest of us fanboys uncomfortable. I'm not sure, but I think Joe and Greg were wearing the same pants. Dunno what that was about. (Not the *same* pants, I mean they each had their own pair. Just, looked the same. Oh you know what I mean.)

It'll be sad, in a way, when they get more famous and only play large halls with professional sound equipment. Because now the venues are so small, and the sound so ad hoc, that the songs come out differently every time. It's neat.

I've been drinking a lot of coffee and not sleeping except when I do. And pissing off everyone I know, apparently. Or maybe I just finally noticed. In other words, everything is back to normal.

Except Paul isn't here to point out how pathetic that is. Damn it.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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