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22 January 2002

8:45 PM: Yesterday I woke up in the most outrageously good mood. No idea why, really. It just felt great to be making tea and oatmeal and washing the dirty dishes in the sink and taking the trash out and in general not hurrying to go to the work building or outside at all. It wasn't too cold, I had my furry slippers on, I was ready to rock.

The result, of course, quite predictable. One of DNAI's central routers was broken or very sick, and the DSL line was giving me speeds up to 9600 bits per second!! Whoah, where are my sunglasses? So the only way I could connect to the net at all was to dial in. Which meant that I could not get online to work. They kept saying, "It'll be back shortly," but shortly ended up meaning around 7 PM.

Thus diddly squat got accomplished, my good mood got stuck in the mud and died, and ever since then I can't seem to wake up. The one thing that working at home is supposed to FIX, goddamn it.

Weekend spent working on top secret super project with Lisa and Lana again. God, I love doing this. I'm somewhat spinning my wheels there too, but for the good reason: I keep discovering more and more of the detailed weirdnesses of PHP and investigating them. I'm not goofing off, honest, it's research!

Stupid satellite is 2 minutes fast. Of course they don't believe me. But either I lose the last two minutes of the show - like I did for all of the Babylon 5 movies last week - or I have to go hand-adjust all the timers. Technology is like a cute girl - it lures you in and then slaps you around a few times, and leaves you at the bus stop with footprints on your back.

Plus this burrito is cold.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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