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16 January 2002

5:34 PM: There's a scary marketing niche, eh?

Geez, what a day. Up at the unlawful hour of 10 AM to get to pshrink appointment. Then, OK, then was an hour of reading the paper and having a mocha and croissant and other than the accidental flicking of the stir stick which caused some spillage onto table and shoes, that was pretty good. The bus went brrrrrrrrrmmmmm by as I was walking out of Royal Grounds (a plug - just as good as those other two places in the Upper Fillmore and one-tenth as crowded, so make note, yuppie coffee drinkers), and the sun and air were all bright and nippy, so I decided to walk down to Geary at least.

On the way, I see a Walgreens, and think, Oh, there are some silly items I need to purchase. I enter and gather up my foolishnesses. At the checkout, I try using the ATM card. Bzzzt. Hmm, try as credit card. Bzzzt. Hmm. Oh well, hey look I have cash, here you go.

Down the street some more, find an ATM. Balance is over $200. Hmm. So I should be able to get at least $40 in cash, si? No. Bzzzt.

Onto the Geary bus to go to a branch of my friendly new bank, First Republic, and it's a weird kind of "branch", it is. No tellers. Just a little office space with 4 desks. Everything is a special service, I guess. Kind of nice, as long as they're not busy.

Turns out that the balance you can see at the ATM is not the balance you can have at the ATM, because it doesn't include pending charges against the account. Or something like that. The gist is that oops, I spent all my money. Dang.

I also tried to reset the PIN on the ATM card and that was a comedy of misunderstanding, involving a Russian's idiosyncratic use of English and my usual snail-quick wit. Best left undescribed beyond this.

But! And! Then! The really big screwup of Today is that I thought that just because I had three tickets for Monday and Tuesday's Sleater-Kinney shows, I had three for Wednesday's show too. No no no, foolish man child. You only bought TWO for Wednesday. And oh look, you have promised two tickets to two people other than yourself. Ho ho ho, you are so silly. Gaaaah.

Because since nobody ended up going with me last night, I just sold the tickets to a kind of sleazy looking fellow and went home. So from three nights, I might end up only actually going once. Because I am dumb. I keep forgetting that. Dumb and broke. Oh, and stinky, too - Lana's sister got in her car a week after she gave me a ride somewhere and said, "Geez, when did you start smoking?"

Now it's nearly 6 PM and even though I didn't actually arrive at work until 2 PM, I've been awake for a very long time and I would like to go home now please. Thank you.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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